5 Best Document Management Software for Enterprises in 2024

5 Best Document Management Software for Enterprises in 2024

Enterprises handle large volumes of documents.

Over time, this information can get siloed across your departments and offices. Therefore, you need to utilize the best document management software for enterprises to centralize your data, otherwise, legacy filing strategies will alienate your documents.

With data silos, critical insights for your enterprise are hidden, leading to missed market opportunities.

This is largely due to delayed insights that lag behind rapid market change.

According to a Forrester study, 82% of enterprises struggled to manage and share their data across their business, proving the devastating extent of data silos.

However, you can shatter your enterprise’s data silos with the right software.

These tools do that by digitizing paper documents to make them searchable and by ensuring data consistency and remote accessibility across your enterprise.

In this article, I will take you through the best document management software for enterprises in 2024 that will break down your silos to improve your productivity and revenue.

Quick summary: 

1. FileCenter – Best for user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. 

2. M-Files – Best for document management automation. 

3. PandaDoc – Best for streamlining document approvals & reviews.

4. DocuSign – Best for managing contract documents. 

5. Nitro – Best for PDF editing and e-signing of documents.

Let’s get started. 

How to Choose a Document Management Software 

a) Consider the tool’s scalability

As an enterprise, a key factor for how to choose a document management system is scalability as this will enable productivity across all your departments.

In particular, choose tools that provide document storage in the cloud so that you can easily implement the software across the full extent of your enterprise to ensure seamless collaboration. 

b) Examine audit trail features 

Advisably, you want to go with a document management software that provides clear audit trails as this will help to eliminate fraud and improve accountability. 

Choosing a document management tool with regulatory compliance features is vital as this will help you to easily comply with various legislations across all the jurisdictions that your enterprise operates in. 

c) Assess the payment options

As a large enterprise, you want a solution that has affordable payment plans to accommodate all your many users without inflating operational costs.

Therefore, when selecting a document management tool, consider those that offer a one-time payment plan. This will help to offset your long-term running costs to keep your enterprise more profitable. 

d) Prioritize e-signature features

Among the vital tips for choosing document management software for enterprises is prioritizing e-signatures to ease the batch processing of contracts.

With solutions that double up as electronic signature apps, you can improve the turnaround time when processing thousands of agreements for your enterprise. So this feature will help to improve your contract management.

e) Consider file scanning speed 

Finally, your enterprise should also pay attention to software that offers high-speed document scanners to help you digitize large batches of documents quickly. 

As an enterprise, excellent document scanners will help you to quickly digitize and sort the large volume of paperwork that your enterprise deals with constantly. This will help to clear backlogs fast and prevent delays. 

1. FileCenter


FileCenter offers simple digital filing systems.

It creates a straightforward electronic filing hierarchy, with cabinets and drawers for storing documents according to tiers. This helps to ensure the right level of file access to enhance security and collaboration.

Crucially, FileCenter’s digital filing system alleviates reliance on complex enterprise databases, thereby reducing your hardware and software costs. 

As a Windows document management software offering a low-resource application that integrates seamlessly with your operation system, there are fewer needs for you to purchase high-speed processors and other expensive technology.

Therefore, this makes it the best document management software for in 2024, if you’d like to lower your enterprise’s database management costs.

Moreover, FileCenter offers cloud integration with popular services.

By integrating with Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, it further enables remote access to information to boost your productivity and data security as an enterprise.

Best features: 

  • Automated e-signature features that help you to make the batch management of contracts easier and accelerate agreement processing for your enterprise.
  • High-speed OCR scanning technology that allows you to elevate your paper document processing speed to improve customer responsiveness. 
  • PDF editing features that allow you to work with a very common document enterprise format and improve productivity across your enterprise. 


  • Pricing starts at $5/user per month. 

While FileCenter doesn’t run on Mac, it’s still a great option for enterprises that run on Windows. With productivity features centered around Windows applications, it heightens productivity tremendously if your enterprise is based around the Windows operating system.

2. M-Files 

M Files

M-Files provides document management automation. 

With intelligent assistance that helps your enterprise create and manage electronic documents with minimal human intervention, this makes it an excellent solution for minimizing human error and bumping up your workforce’s productivity.

Additionally, M-Files offers a very soft learning curve.

In just 15 minutes, you can easily master M-File’s highly visual document management interface, allowing you to hit the ground quickly. 

This is made possible by simple drag-and-drop features, as well as no-code document automation templates that alleviate the need for any tech skills.

Therefore, I find that this is the best document management software for enterprises in 2024 if simple document automation is your top priority.

Furthermore, M-Files has an intuitive full-text search to speed up information retrieval. 

As a result, you can look up your documents as per their metadata and body text. This ensures faster and more successful document retrieval to minimize workplace frustrations.

Best features: 

  • Metadata-driven document management that can help you lower the amount of time your enterprise wastes on searching for the right information.
  • Network folders that enable remote access to documents. This makes your workers productivity on the go while enhancing collaboration.
  • Microsoft 365 and GoogleWorkspace integrations that negate strenuous data migration while making it easy to scale across your enterprise.


  • Contact M-Files for pricing.

While M-Files offers many automation and scalability options to manage all your offices and branches, this means that it also takes some time to implement it across your enterprise. However, it’s a low-maintenance solution after initial implementation. 

3. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is an e-signature document management tool.

You can use it to create documents and have them signed electronically and remotely, thereby streamlining the document management processes for your enterprise by reducing delays.

Consequently, PandaDoc’s eSign feature accelerates your document approval processes to speed up tasks and projects across your enterprise. 

This is also partly enabled by its real-time version approval and document tracking, which delivers real-time updates about document actions and changes to also improve regulatory compliance.

Therefore, I find that this is the best document management software for enterprises in 2024 if you’d like to solve lengthy document review challenges. 

Additionally, PandaDoc offers contract management features just like FileCenter. 

So you can quickly create and share accurate agreements across your legal, HR, and Sales departments, thereby enhancing contract visibility and reducing risk to improve enterprise contract management.

Best features: 

  • Custom templates powered by a drag-and-drop editor that your enterprise can use to create on-brand and highly professional agreements quickly. 
  • Secure electronic signature feature that helps you eliminate traditional document signing so that you can conveniently collect signatures from any location. 
  • Real-time document tracking that lets you know when a document is completed, viewed, or opened. This enhances file security, accountability and collaboration.


  • Pricing starts at $19/user per month. 

Notably, PandaDoc separately prices integration APIs for the system, which can inflate your initial purchase costs. However, it offers great value for money as these integrations allow your enterprise to create custom workflows that drive productivity. 

4. DocuSign


DocuSign is geared toward contract management. 

For enterprises, it offers integration with your CRM so that you can improve data visibility to extract maximum value from contracts. This will boost the performance of your vendors due to real-time data insights. 

With automated contraction generation, DocuSign makes it effortless to manage your enterprise’s contracts and ensure more positive agreement outcomes.

In light of this, I’m certain that DocuSign is the best document management software for enterprises in 2024 with regard to contract management. 

Furthermore, DocuSign offers various secure e-signature methods that allow you to digitally deliver documents for signing more conveniently.

In particular, you can send out agreements via SMS and WhatsApp channels, allowing you to reach important contract parties effortlessly to accelerate the sign-on process. Furthermore, you also get real-time notifications to help you close business deals faster.

Best features: 

  • Automated document generation that operates within the Salesforce user interface. This enables you to generate professional sales reports instantly.
  • AI-driven contact analytics that help you to unearth hidden opportunities and risks so that you can make smarter and more profitable enterprise decisions.
  • Multi-channel document delivery with direct links to files, which allows you to reach multiple document signers and complete your agreements faster. 


  • Pricing starts at $10/user per month. 

Because DocuSign is primarily an eSignature tool, it may not have all the document management features you need. However, with advanced agreement management functions, it can greatly improve contract lifecycle management for your enterprise.

5. Nitro


Nitro is a PDF editing tool designed for any industry vertical.

It offers a powerful PDF editing tool that’s compatible with iOS, macOS, and Windows as well. This makes it the best document management software for enterprises if your company uses multiple combinations of operating systems. 

More importantly, Nitro’s PDF editor helps you to improve document integrity and enhance data accessibility to streamline collaboration. 

As is the case with FileCenter’s PDF editor, you can also password-protect your documents to prevent the loss of information and to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

But there’s more.

Nitro offers extensive file conversion features that allow you to convert Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and image files to PDF and vice versa. 

Thanks to this capability, you can ensure file compatibility with target end-user devices. Additionally, this also enables you to easily share information across your enterprise while controlling data confidentiality. 

Best features:

  • OCR feature that lets you digitize paper documents and convert them to PDF files for more space-efficient storage and better data accessibility. 
  • Identity checks and audit trails for digital signatures which create a high-trust and secure document management environment built for compliance. 
  • Multi-device sign-in that allows several workers to edit the same document concurrently, thereby improving document collaboration for your enterprise.


  • Pricing starts at $11.59/user per month. 

Being an exclusive PDF and eSignature software, Nitro doesn’t offer a holistic solution for document management. Nonetheless, it provides a tool with multiple PDF editing features that are hard to find in other enterprise document management solutions.


Poor document management is stealing your revenue. 

That’s because employees waste time recreating siloed documents, thereby lowering productivity. Additionally, this will lead to data duplication, which inflates your enterprise storage needs and expenses.

Overall, poor document management drains your resources and threatens the financial stability of your enterprise.

According to Gartner research, enterprises lose $15 million a year due to poor data quality. This is a huge dent in revenue that you cannot afford to sweep under the rug. 

By using the best document management software for enterprises, you can improve the quality of your data by preventing data entry errors and ensuring data consistency, completeness, and security.

In particular, I recommend FileCenter for ease of use, M-Files for document automation, and PandaDoc for streamlining document review processes.

If you’d like to learn more, sign up for your free FileCenter trial to witness how this tool can transform your enterprise document management processes. 


What is an enterprise document management software? 

A document management software for enterprises offers document scanners to digitize paperwork into digital files and thus ease storage and access. 

With this tool, your enterprise can organize files better into various categories and even automate certain aspects of document management such as change saving to realize higher efficiency and productivity. 

What are the benefits of a document management software for enterprises? 

By using the best document management software in 2024, you can realize less paper storage and more environmental-friendliness and cost savings. 

Moreover, with features like advanced OCR PDF editing, you can leverage the power of automation for document scanning and appending. This will save your enterprise countless work hours. 

What are the key features of an enterprise document management software? 

The ideal document management software for enterprises should have centralized file storage and organization to improve the quality of your data. 

On top of that, the right solution should have user-friendly searchable file options so that non-technical employees in your enterprise can pick it up quickly. Plus, it should also offer collaborative features that enhance teamwork.

How much does a document management software for enterprises cost? 

You can get a great document management software for your enterprise with subscription options starting at just $5/user per month.

What’s more, with FileCenter’s pricing plans, you can pay a one-off fee of $97 in exchange for a user’s lifetime access to the software. This makes it an ideal long-term solution for enterprises with large teams. 

Why is FileCenter the best enterprise document management software? 

FileCenter is the best document management software in 2024 due to its ability to organize information across tiers to improve accountability and security.

There are other reasons to choose FileCenter for your enterprise, including its ease of use which streamlines implementation, and its ability to eradicate recurring fees to boost your enterprise’s bottom line.