FileCenter: Your Next Golden Opportunity

How Do I Sign Up?

Whether you're ready to pull the trigger today or you just want to get a conversation started, reach out to us at . We'll guide you through the next steps.

With over a decade of experience in the document management market, FileCenter is one of the fastest-growing solutions available today with thousands of users worldwide. We offer great revenue shares to our resellers which vary based on the partnership type and entry level. You will be able to represent a great international brand in your local area – a brand that elevates you as a trusted advisor and resource in the eyes of your customers.

What's your industry? We've got you covered. FileCenter is the solution that works seamlessly across any vertical: accounting, legal, manufacturing, health care, small business.... We have clients in almost every vertical.

Reseller Options

We currently offer the following partnership opportunities:

Referral Partner: Referral Partners make referrals to the FileCenter sales team. Our staff will work with your referrals to guide them through their pre-purchase decisions and ultimately help them with their purchase. Referral Partners can receive a revenue share of 20%.

Value Added Reseller Partner: Value added resellers (VARs) of FileCenter benefit from a range of tools that make it easy for them to resell the FileCenter software solutions on their own. VARs have access to our Reseller Portal which allows them to generate their own orders and license keys at any time, day or night. Take care of your customers in real-time without having to jump through extra hoops. Resellers can receive a revenue share from 30% to 50% depending on sales targets.

Why Become a Reseller?

There are good reasons to become a FileCenter Reseller:

Easy Sales Platform: Generate your own sales orders on our easy-to-use Reseller Portal.

Easy to Deploy clients who struggle with technology, filecenter answer easiest to learn

Easy to Support: self-help videos, user guides

Training & Marketing Materials: We provide you with everything you need to get started as a partner of FileCenter.

Consulting Resources: bandwidth, contract to us, hand off support to us

Revenue Share: Up-front discounts allow you to make profits straight away.