FileCenter AutomateAutomated Routing and Batch OCR Software

Automate your office's most repetitive tasks: converting, naming, and routing files. FileCenter Automate makes your scans searchable then uses their contents to understand where they need to go.

Standout Features

Automated OCR

Make your new and existing scans searchable ... hands-free. FileCenter Automate monitors your system for new scans to OCR.

Convert your files to PDF

PDF is the new standard for file archival. Automatically convert your scanned documents – old and new – to the PDF format.

Use jobs for bulk operations

Let FileCenter Automate crawl your folders for files to convert. These jobs can handle thousands of conversions automatically.

Name documents from content

FileCenter Automate brings rules-based intelligence to your documents, automatically naming and routing them from the document text.

Leverage the power of barcodes

Use the information in your document barcodes to separate, name, and route your documents automatically.

Works with network scanners

FileCenter Automate can watch the output of network scanners and automatically handle new scans.

All Automate Features

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Windows 11 Compatible
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  • Convert to Searchable PDF
  • Convert Folders of Files
  • Convert Drives of Files
  • Watch a Network Scanner
  • Watch a Folder
  • Cover-Sheet Document Separators
  • Flexible Job Scheduling
  • Tesseract OCR Engine
  • Integrates with FileCenter DMS
  • Daily Page Limit: 500
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  • Run as a Windows Service
  • Convert Multiple Documents Simultaneously
  • No Daily Page Limit
  • Up to 600% Faster than Standard
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Pro Plus
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PLUS ...

  • Top-of-the-Line ReadIris OCR Engine
  • Convert PDFs back to Word or Excel Documents
  • Use Document Content to Name & Save
  • Content Rules for Separating & Routing
  • Barcode Support
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FileCenter Automate
Meet Your New Filing Clerk

Add intelligence to your daily flow of digital and paper files,
at a price well below the competition.

Watch a Scanner

Bring your network scanner to life: OCR, separate, and route your scans as they come off the glass. Give documents rules-based names and save them to dynamic locations. Every user can have their own scanning profile.

Watch a Folder

FileCenter Automate is perfect for monitoring any folder that receives a steady stream of new files. Set up rules to determine which files need to be converted and which ones to ignore. Watch a single folder, a whole tree of folders, or an entire drive.

Make searchable PDFs

PDF is the standard. Convert your scans and files to archival-quality PDFs that are fully searchable and ready to be indexed. If you have decades worth of old scans sitting unsearchable on your hard drive, it's time to put them back into use. Update them to the new standard and make them accessible again.

Separate Documents

Many users scan stacks of documents. FileCenter Automate can separate these scans into individual files. Use cover-sheet separators, barcodes, intelligent rules, or fixed page intervals. Separators can also instruct how to name the documents and where to save them.

Route Documents

Ready for a virtual filing clerk? Auto-save documents to pre-determined locations without lifting a finger. You can route documents based on document separators, or for a truly sophisticated approach, based on information within the documents themselves, including barcodes.

Intelligent Rules

Pull textual elements out of your scanned documents and faxes then use them for naming and saving. Imagine saving invoices using customer names, saving correspondence to the right client folder, and pulling dates out out of scanned forms.

Two-Way Conversions

Sometimes you need to turn your PDFs back into Word documents. FileCenter Automate can convert both directions. Turn whole folders of PDFs back into formatted Office documents that are ready for editing.

Scheduled Jobs

FileCenter Automate provides flexible scheduling options. Run a conversion job on demand, at a specific time each day, on specific days of the week, or constantly throughout the day.

Hands-Free Operation

FileCenter Automate is a set it and forget it solution. Running as a Windows service, it sits invisibly in the background working as hard as you do. Works on any laptop, PC, or server that runs Windows.

We had almost three decades' worth of old scans languishing on our server. Not a single person in our office ever touched them because navigating them felt like crawling through an uncharted crypt. FileCenter Automate brought those scans back into daylight. Within the first few weeks, our attorneys were already searching and using a bank of documents they were calling lost a year ago.
K.B., Chicago