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[FileCenter Professional] combines the functionality of many different programs into one, and is the best option for any company interested in the paperless office.

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Useful mix of features

FileCenter offers a useful mix of features that make handling digital and paper-based data that bit easier. PC Utilities Magazine

I was skeptical at first

I have a full time job, over a dozen rental properties, an aging parent, and a child with medical issues. This generates a lot of forms, invoices, and other documents every week. I was overwhelmed, never had the right papers at hand, and had several filing boxes of paperwork going back 5 months to process, organize, and file. I needed help and researched electronic scanning and filing solutions.
I was skeptical about FileCenter, at first. Charging for a program that would scan and rename files for me seemed too simple to be of any use. After all, I had a scanner and OCR software already installed on my computer and could rename files myself. However, I decided to give it a try and downloaded the free trial. I watched several of the tutorials, and scanned and caught up on everything in one weekend. I couldn't believe how easy and painless it was. Now, my files are all available at the push of a button. A week of paperwork that could have taken hours takes about 15 minutes to manage, and with better results.
The simplicity of FileCenter is what makes it so powerful. Simplifying scanning and saving files with consistent naming conventions really does make a difference. C. D.

It continues to be well worth my investment

FINALLY! I've been struggling with PaperPort for several years with buggy operation and terrible technical support. I vowed to never buy a Nuance product again. With some healthy skepticism, I tried FileCenter Pro and within 24 hours I was sold ... spent the $200 without batting an eye and it continues to be well worth my investment. The program continues to impress me and has been very stable on Windows 8.1 x64 with my Fujitsu FI-5120C. I've scanned over 6,000 pages since my purchase less than 2 weeks ago. Not a single hiccup. Great job to the developers and QA department! This is an excellent product. I'm very pleased I tried it out and eventually became a very satisfied customer. Thank you!! M. B.

My people aren't willing to let it go

Apart from my day job as a lawyer, I write the "Hands On" tech column each week in the Australian Financial Review. AFR is roughly equivalent to the Aussie version of the Wall Street Journal. Thought you'd like to know that we ran a piece on FileCenter a couple of weeks ago, and it has generated more than a little interest. I've been running a few trial editions at my law firm to get other perspectives on FileCenter, and I now have a problem :-) My people aren't willing to let it go.... It looks like FileCenter is here to stay in this office! It's a great product, so keep up the good work. Cheers. P. M.

Everything we wanted and more

We love FileCenter! It is doing everything we wanted and more. The time and space savings are huge. Our thanks to you! T. D., Los Angeles

Five big pluses for FileCenter

I wanted to give you some brief feedback:
  1. You got back to me quickly when I wanted information and made the final decision to purchase the software.
  2. We were able to install the software in early January with little, if any, major issues.
  3. We brought our staff up to speed on implementing the software during January (despite it being the start of our busy tax season).
  4. Everyone began using it right away, without much of a learning curve, again in our busiest time of year.
  5. At the end of the tax season, our internal feedback was that everyone liked FileCenter much better than what we were using before.
That's five big pluses for FileCenter. I like the software. It is easy to use, intuitive, and the features that I utilize are helpful. Looking forward to continuing to use FileCenter! C. A., Maryland

FileCenter is for Retirees too

I'm a retired professional who left corporate world to work on a ranch with a goal of staying organized and paper free. I have been a longtime user of NEAT and OneNote which are great products but just didn't fully facilitate meeting my goal. Last year I purchased FileCenter Pro and it has now become my go-to workspace when I log in. Now when I get the mail, I open envelopes, throw the documents on the scanner and in most instances, throw the original away. All my work is from a PDF copy in FileCenter. The Naming function makes sure there is consistent naming done quickly and then once done it gets filed away in the FileCenter cabinet system which means I now have a document management system where I can find things. I retired into a one man operation that has all the asset tracking and maintenance, regulatory compliance, tax issues that I left in the corporate world where I had staff and an enterprise system to support me. FileCenter has helped simplify and organize my record keeping to where I don't miss any of the previous systems anymore. B. B.

I now have all my records in one place

I am retired and one of my hobbies is tracing "Family History". FileCenter slots into my research exceptionally well and I have set up drawers for all my family members I am tracing including Census records, Church records, Publications and old property pictures etc. I developed a template to populate each of my drawers with folders common to each drawer such as Birth Certificates, Census Transcripts, Deaths and Burials etc.
For the first time I now have all my records in one place and it is very easy to scan documents and notes etc. and also to be able to back up all my data or carry out searches on individual files. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you. Bob

I LOVE the stability

My prior employer used to dedicate a large room to paper files which were shelved from floor to ceiling. When I went out on my own, I made it my mission to run a paperless office. After three years of PaperPort, scanning was beginning to become overwhelming and crashes were too regular. I found FileCenter and tried your free trial. I bought it the next day. I LOVE the stability, automatic file naming, drag and drop naming, and Outlook email filing was a complete bonus! You cannot imagine the hours of work you are saving me. Thank you! J. P. S., El Paso, TX

Everybody has jumped on board

We have used FileCenter to make our paperless accounts payable process extremely easy for each department. I told them they weren't required to use it, but that it would make their lives so much easier. And everybody has jumped on board and is LOVING it! That's really an impressive statement because we've got such a diversity of folks, from public works to public safety – and I am only hearing good things. I think this is truly a first for us . L. O., Reedley, CA.

I wear many hats

FileCenter continues to be an essential component of my professional work. I wear many hats – attorney, mediator, court administrator, adjunct professor, statewide state bar committee co-chair, legislative expert witness. FileCenter helps raise each of these efforts to a high level of professionalism. D. L., Esq.

I've tried them all

I have been looking for a program like this forever! I tried M-Files, PaperMaster, PaperPort, as well as some higher end – expensive – programs. I want to say that you have a wonderful product. Your strongest point for me is the fact that I can save a file directly to FileCenter without browsing with Windows Explorer. J. G.

It works like magic

Hi folks, just wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU. When I originally purchased File Center, I was struggling to come up with proper workflow for scanning and organize a lot of files. This was made even more difficult given that I use an MFP scanner, not a Fujitsu, etc. I finally gave REGEX renaming a try. It works like magic and has made it very easy and fast for me to scan, OCR, and organize my files. N. Z.

Finally stability

I am sure you have many fan boys, but damn! I have been using PaperPort for 13 years as the program I use the most outside of my property management software. All I can say is thank you so much! Finally stability! M. B.

Other solutions are too complex

I've been working with paperless office and file management solutions for two decades now, and I'm thrilled with what FileCenter offers my customers. Other solutions are too complex, too difficult to use, and too expensive. FileCenter combines document imaging and file management into a simple, easy-to-learn solution that meets our needs perfectly. And FileCenter works with us to ensure that we have what we need to be successful. S. B., Winterset, IA

A cost-reduction tool in our business

As a partner in a small business that is very paper intensive, I am thrilled with the capabilities of FileCenter! The system is user friendly, and has allowed us to move documents from print to electronic version quickly, and with simplicity. The system has proven to be reliable, efficient and a cost-reduction tool in our business. M. C., LCSW, CMC, CFP

I have never used a better system

It's the best filing system I have ever had. I've been in real estate since 1987 and have never used a better system for my files. M. G.

Performs like an expensive product

If you want a simple product that will perform like one of the more complex and very expensive ones out there, get FileCenter and try it. R. G. W., Esq.

All of our employees will soon have FileCenter

I am an owner of your FileCenter software program which I purchased while I maintained a private law practice. I was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Accounts for [my county]. We have been aggressively updating all the hardware and software in our office. I advised the Commissioner of Accounts, my boss, that FileCenter was a great program. Our software programmers eventually heard of my recommendation and contacted your company. To make a long story short, all 30 of the employees in our office will soon have FileCenter on their individual computers and your program will be a module in our custom software program to facilitate the imaging of documents. J. B.

It does not change my files

I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years trying to keep thousands of files organized for quick access. FileCenter is hands down the best system I have ever seen! It's simple and it works and best of all it does not change my files to some format that only a handful of people on this planet know about. A. R., Ellenboro, NC

Corralled 15,000 documents

Have owned FileCenter for about 2 months now and, so far, managed to corral about 15,000 of 22,000 documents into their proper place! T. N., Channelview, TX

Intuitively friendly

I must express my appreciation for FileCenter. The scope of my professional responsibilities runs broad and deep. The projects and information to which I must have easy and effective access are immense. FileCenter provides an essential tool for successfully navigating these worlds. You have created a wonderful tool which is fun to use, professionally designed, and intuitively friendly. D. L., ADR Director, State District Court; Co-Chair, State Bar ADR Committee

I could not imagine life without it

I am a very small law firm – me. I also teach in an online distance learning university. I have used FileCenter for many years now. I could not imagine life without it. I use it to keep track of my almost completely paperless law office and all my school materials and submissions. The program is great but the customer support is terrific, and has not become any less so in all the years I have been a user. THAT, to me, is stellar. C. S., Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you

All of our associates are in "love" with FileCenter and how well it meets their needs for file management, as well as how easy it is to use for scanning and OCR. We also appreciate your dedication to always finding ways to enhance and improve FileCenter. One of the functions I really wanted and had been meaning to write to you about was my need to be able to define my own filter extensions ... and wouldn't you know it, before I could request it, it was included in the most recent update! Thank you, thank you, thank you. C. M. D., Richmond, VA

We were stuck in PaperPort hell

I wish I could tell everyone about your awesome software product, FileCenter Pro. We were using PaperPort for many years.... Then new versions emerged and new Windows operating systems and we started having major problems with freezing and crashes. We searched the web and found FileCenter Pro. We tried it for free and after one day we were convinced we had found the right alternative to an obsolete PaperPort. We were happy to buy the product and we are all smiling now! Thank you for creating such a versatile and feature filled product.
You saved the day when our clients were waiting to close and we were stuck in PaperPort hell! We almost lost one of our largest clients due to the inability to print out and scan our closing packages due to the freezing issues. I can't believe how user friendly your system is, and no calling foreign countries for terrible support. We keep finding new ways to use your software to make our office more productive and save paper. FileCenter Pro is the only affordable scanning and file sorting software on the market! Thanks. J.D., Tampa Bay, FL

The best I have used over the years

I've been paperless for 15 years, but FileCenter is the best I have used over the years. I am able to stay compliant with the SEC and other regulatory agencies and be more efficient than the old paper office way. This is a great product. S. M. S., Dallas, TX

We certainly hit a home run with FileCenter

We are just thrilled with FileCenter and we have not even used all of its features yet. I had used PaperPort for many years and was increasingly unhappy with it. It was better than nothing but it seemed to get slower every "upgrade" and the later versions were a nightmare to install unless you started from a clean slate. Yeah right.
I looked for months off and on and spent many, many hours googling to find software that was affordable for my 2 person firm but had the functionality we needed. We certainly hit a home run with FileCenter. It is fast and has many, many more features than PaperPort and is very reasonably priced. J.S., El Cajon, CA

Always several steps ahead of what we need

After we had exerted a great effort speaking with companies supplying paperless office software to large firms, one executive finally said to us, "we can do it, but our software starts at $15,000; however, I know a company that has just what you want: FileCenter". Most products can do most of what you need, but FileCenter is always several steps ahead of what we need. I am impressed every day. L. B., Miami, FL

It has helped us go 100% paperless

FileCenter is an easy to use yet powerful program with an affordable price. [Our firm has] used FileCenter for about a year now. It has not only organized, improved and controlled our client data but has helped us go 100% paperless. This is our main program since we access it all day long to file, withdraw and organize all our clients' data files. F. A., Tulsa, OK

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