It all started in a filing cabinet.

... and our entrepreneurial spirit carried us out of it.

We saw a need for a better and faster way to organize files – and FileCenter was born. From scanning expense forms in your office to snapping images of your receipts on a business trip, FileCenter was built on the need to save time and stay organized.

Our platforms set us apart from the competition. Scan documents, convert PDFs, organize receipts and create new files.

FileCenter was built from the ground up to give people simplicity, trust and security. We developed a way to keep files organized in a seamless, secure and fast way – because twenty years ago we saw that there had to be a better way.

Individually excellent.
Best together.

The FileCenter family consists of separate applications that run inside of a single interface.

Each application works like an individual tool, a tool that you'll come to appreciate for its refinement and precision.

But brought together, the applications combine seamlessly into an experience that feels like one unified workspace.

Helping you achieve organization for two decades

When it comes to file organization, OCR, scanning, PDF conversion, and secure sharing, we have over two decades of experience delivering simple yet powerful applications that are easy to understand and even easier to use.