Client Portal and File Sharing Software
Share documents with your clients through a service that's as secure as an armored truck but as natural as a handshake. FileCenter Portal is the convenient way to exchange sensitive documents with your clients.

FileCenter Portal: Secure Client Portal and Easy File Sharing

A client portal is an electronic gateway to digital files and information that provides a secure sharing mechanism between an organization and its clients. It lets you easily and securely request or share files with anyone – clients, customers, vendors, employees. The process is no harder than sending an email.

The FileCenter Portal is the most intuitive and affordable client portal for small offices. You can brand the portal with your logo and color scheme. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with our FileCenter document management program, so you can access it while working on your documents or in your web browser.

Security first How is the Portal different than swapping files through email? Security. The Portal uses top security protocols to keep your sensitive documents safe in transit.
An empasis on simplicity Exchange files easily with your clients. Through use of a web portal, there's nothing they need to install. Upload and download files with point-and-click simplicity.
Unlimited clients and guests Share files with individuals or groups. There's no limit to the number of clients or guests you can share with.
Email notifications When you share files, your clients will get an email notification with a simple link. For even more security, give your clients their own passwords.
Tight integrations The Portal optionally integrates with FileCenter to make it even easier to upload files without leaving FileCenter. Or upload files from Windows.
Your own brand Customize the Portal to reflect your brand, including a web address that matches your business, your own logo, and your own colors.
Client Portal Benefits

Client portal benefits for small businesses

When it comes to sharing confidential documents, email just won't do. So most small offices are turning to a secure document sharing portal that will safely exchange files with only the intended recipients. Documents are the life-blood of business, so keep yours safe from prying eyes. With the FileCenter Portal, you can enjoy secure file sharing with clients with the peace of knowing that your client's sensitive information remains between you and them.

file sharing

A safer way to share files

Did you know that email has no security layers? None. Zilch. Zip. This means that hackers can peek at your email while it's in transit anywhere along the Information Superhighway. So if you're still using email to send sensitive documents, you'd better rethink your practices. The FileCenter Portal is a document vault that keeps these private documents fully locked down during the whole journey. It's an armored delivery truck for your confidential papers.

upload or download

Exchange files in both directions

The FileCenter Portal isn't a one-way street. It works in two directions. Not only can you share documents with your clients, customers, or patients, they can share their documents with you. It is a perfect way for your clients to securely send you their sensitive financial documents, health records, contracts, deeds, etc. It allows you to be the service provider who cares about your clients' privacy.

personalize with branding

Customize the look and feel of your client portal

Your file sharing portal represents your business. That's why the FileCenter Portal lets you personalize its branding. Proudly display your company's logo and even customize the web address your clients will use to get to the site. When users come to the portal to access their files, they'll feel the security of knowing that they can trust the source.

Client Portal Features

Freedom to change your mind or expire shares

delete files

Have you ever emailed a sensitive document to the wrong person? Or sent the wrong document by mistake? Or just flat out changed your mind? With email, once you click Send, there's no going back. But with the FileCenter Portal, you're free to change your mind. So long as the other party hasn't downloaded the document yet, you can pull the plug. You can also set an expiration date on a folder of shared files.

Unlimited guest access

unlimited guests

Many of the popular client portals on the market restrict the number of people with whom you can share files. Or they will charge more for guest access beyond a certain unreasonable number. Not the FileCenter Portal. We don't believe in guest limits. You will get unlimited guest access. This means you can share your files with as many people as you want.

Anywhere access

web interface

An easy-to-use web interface means that you use your online client portal to share files from any place where you can get on the Internet. And the FileCenter Client Portal makes it just as easy for the other party to reach the shared files, regardless of what kind of screen they're looking at – desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Seamless Integration

Client portal seamlessly integrated into FileCenter

A good client portal is made even better when it is integrated into the software used to manage your documents. Lucky for you we have tightly integrated the Portal into our award winning FileCenter document management system. So if you are not yet using our FileCenter, you'll want to consider making that switch too so that your Portal experience is even more efficient and rewarding. With this integration, sharing your documents is no more than one or two clicks of the mouse.

Tightly integrated, easy-to-use interface

the Portal in FileCenter

The first thing that you will notice about the client portal software within FileCenter is that it is seamlessly integrates into the rest of the program as just another tab along the main ribbon bar. No more switching between separate programs which is always a pain. Now you can go quickly back and forth between the Portal and the rest of your FileCenter files and editing tools by just clicking on the appropriate tab.

Upload and download files with one click

download files in FileCenter

The first step in file sharing is getting the files into the Portal. And having a secure document portal integrated into FileCenter makes this process a snap. After you have identified the file you want to share, just click a single button and the secure file upload service sends it on its way. Uploading and downloading files from the Portal is so easy even our fathers can do it.

Share files fast and easy

easy sharing in FileCenter

The next step in sharing files is to email your client a share link that will give them access to the shared files. This too is easy. Just select a file or folder to share, and then enter the email address of the person you want to share it with. That's it. The Portal does the rest. Your recipient will receive a special email with a secure access link they can click to preview or securely download the file.

Administer shared files and guest access

guest admin in FileCenter

Some portals make it hard to see and manage the files you have shared and the people you have shared them with. Not anymore. The FileCenter Portal integration gives you a super convenient Guest view that shows you all the people you have shared files with and the files they have access to, all in one glance. This makes it easy to manage all your shared information and guests to whom you've given access to the Portal.

Your client document portal has changed the way we work with our clients, for the better! Our clients upload their confidential papers to us before we ever sit down for a consultation. And when we're ready to have them review their documents, it's a quick upload instead of a tedious process of printing, addressing, and mailing. Needless to say, the Portal is our new FedEx! Congrats on a simple, effective solution.
J. W., Seattle, WA