Product Maintenance Plans

Why does maintenance matter?

Your computer is a shifting landscape of technologies where incompatibilities can surface overnight. For example, a single Windows update can sever any of the integration points between FileCenter and your other software: the file system, scanning, email, even saving and opening files.

To keep you working smoothly in this environment of constant change, we work hard to provide you with the updates you need. This is made possible through your Maintenance Plan. Maintenance gives you:

  • The latest updates and compatibility fixes
  • New features and innovations as they're released
  • Access to technical support

All new purchases come with a full year of maintenance from the date of purchase, along with the option to renew the plan at the end of a year for a modest fee (see below).

Maintenance Renewal Pricing

Product Price/Seat
FileCenter DMS Std$25
FileCenter DMS Pro$50
FileCenter DMS Pro Plus$75
FileCenter DMS Std Monthly$5
FileCenter DMS Pro Monthly$10
FileCenter DMS Pro Plus Monthly$15
FileCenter Receipts Pro$50
FileCenter Automate Std$100
FileCenter Automate Pro$400
FileCenter Automate Pro Plus$800