Paperless Savings Calculator

While it may not be possible to go completely paperless, reducing the paper burden can still save you significant money. This calculator will help you estimate the ROI of going paperless.

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1.  Staff Time  
Number of filing clerks or administrative assistants:
Average time one of them spends on printing/filing/retrieval per day: minutes
Average hourly wage of a single staff member: dollars/hour
Annual staff cost for filing and retrieval (250 working days): $N
2.  Printing Costs  
Boxes of copier paper used per year (10 reams, $50/box): boxes
Toner replacements per year ($75/each):
Other annual printer costs (maintenance, lease, etc): dollars/year
Annual printing costs: $N
3.  Storage Costs  
Filing cabinet style:
Number of existing cabinets in use:
Number of cabinets you add per year:
Monthly rent per square foot of office space: dollars/sqft
Monthly rent for off-site storage: dollars/month
Annual cost for storage supplies (file folders, labels, etc): dollars/year
Annual storage costs: $N
4.  Software Investment  
Licenses of FileCenter DMS (one per staff member): licenses
Licenses of FileCenter Automate (usually just one for the server): licenses
One-time software purchase: $N
Amount of money your office wastes each year dealing with paper: $N
One-time software investment: -N
Savings: $N
First-year ROI: N*
Second-year ROI: N
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*ROI is a percentage:

0.0 = 0% profit (break even: you made back the investment)
0.5 = 50% profit (you made back the investment + 50%)
1.0 = 100% improvement (you made back the investment plus the value of the investment again)
2.0 = 200% improvement (your profit is twice the value of the investment)