10 Best Document Management Software that Integrate with QuickBooks

10 Best Document Management Software that Integrate with QuickBooks

QuickBooks’s limitations are holding you back.

If you’re using it for your business, you’ll notice it automates a limited set of accounting functions. You can’t centrally manage your financial documents and you’ll have to perform a lot of manual data entry. 

So without a good document management partner for QuickBooks, you’ll lose precious work hours to frequent data entry tasks.

This is time that you could divert to meaningful work.

Unfortunately, business owners spend over 10 hours a week reconciling data between their QuickBooks accounts and their systems, according to an Intuit survey. If you factor in your hourly rate, you’ll realize you’re leaving money on the table.

By leveraging the best document management software for QuickBooks, you can centralize data to free up more time for profitable work.  

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best document software that integrates with QuickBooks to help boost your small business’s productivity and revenue.

Quick summary:

1. FileCenter – Best for organizing receipts. 

2. DocuWare – Best for managing AR files.

3. PandaDoc  – Best for contract management. 

4. Revver – Best for document collaboration. 

5. SmartVault – Best for protecting financial data. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Choose a Document Management Software for QuickBooks

a) Assess supported file formats

When you’re choosing a document management software for QuickBooks, you should ensure it supports the right file formats to avoid compatibility issues.

So take a look at the supported file types and extensions, and ensure it incorporates the .qbw extension for QuickBooks so that you get the right solution for your business.

b) Check for data entry automation

Since you want to minimize your data entry work with QuickBooks, consider software that can digitize data from all your financial sources to make you more productive.

In particular, I recommend high-speed OCR solutions when selecting a document management software to help you to digitize large volumes of documents quickly.

c) Asses available report templates

What report templates does it have? You should go for one that has templates that you commonly use for your businesses as this will save you time.

If you’d like to choose a great document management software, prioritizing a huge template library will help you overcome QuickBooks’s limited reporting features.

d) Evaluate channel tracking controls

If your business sells across multiple channels, you should go for a software that offers multi-channel sorting so that you can compute financial reports for each channel easily.

With a solution that lets you organize computer files systematically, you can manage your business more efficiently and unearth more tax deduction opportunities. 

e) Examine routing and classification

With an automated document routing solution, you don’t have to manually route QuickBooks reports to individuals and this makes you even more efficient.

In fact, I find that you can improve document control and management with file classification & routing features, as they’ll expedite your file approval processes. 

1. FileCenter

FileCenter helps you to track expenses accurately. 

With our receipt organizer, you can scan and store all your receipts in one place. So you can create reports that ensure accurate reimbursements and deductions.

Crucially, FileCenter’s mobile receipts utility allows you to scan receipts into your QuickBooks account to enable you to track expenses while you’re on the move. 

Better yet, you also get an automatic receipt analyzer that helps you extract vital data from files like payment methods and dates. This helps you skim through lengthy documents quickly, allowing you to reconcile data easily and prepare reports faster. 

By integrating with top cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox, FileCenter is the best document management software for use with QuickBooks if you aim to streamline collaboration for your accounting team. 

Best features: 

  • It comes with a PDF annotator that lets you edit & convert files into various formats that perfectly suit your unique accounting goal for each task. 
  • With one-click OCR scanning technology, our software allows you to rapidly digitize financial documents to speed up data entry with QuickBooks. 
  • FileCenter allows you to create electronic filing cabinets with full-text search capabilities so that you can retrieve financial data quickly and efficiently. 


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Starting plan: $5/user per month. 


FileCenter’s receipt organizer helps you maintain accurate financial records for more effective cash flow management. It also allows you to automate capturing data in financial documents directly into QuickBooks so you don’t do double data entry work. 

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2. DocuWare

DocuWare turbocharges your productivity with QuickBooks. 

By allowing you to automatically validate invoices and even directly import and route them into the right folders, it helps you eliminate iterative accounting tasks to save your small business a lot of time and effort.

In fact, Docuware integrates with QuickBooks to allow you to search and retrieve information without leaving the interface, which makes you even more efficient. 

Overall, I find that DocuWare is one the most popular document management software for QuickBooks due to its document-linking feature. It connects related files so that you can generate invoices faster to speed up your accounts receivable collections.

Furthermore, you can use this accounting document management software to create e-forms and collect the client data you need for more accurate bookkeeping & tax filing.

Best features: 

  • It allows you to scan and digitize all your financial records so that they are immediately retrievable in case you need to fulfill an urgent credit request.
  • With DocuWare cloud, you can back up all your financial information in the cloud to provide a fail-safe during a data loss event such as cyber-attacks and floods. 
  • It also provides accounting process automation for document-related tasks so that your small business can achieve lower costs per transaction.


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Contact DocuWare for pricing. 


By enabling you to gather important data from the client quickly, DocuWare allows you to streamline your accounts receivables processes. However, I find that they have basic e-form templates that aren’t ideal for complex tax calculations.   

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3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc optimizes your agreement workflows.

It comes with more than 750 templates for business agreements and proposals, which you can use to create custom financial documents for your small business without having to draft them from scratch like you would with QuickBooks.

Furthermore, with PandaDoc for QuickBooks Payments, you can collect invoice payment data to avoid manual, error-prone accounts receivable tasks. 

Given that you can’t natively manage contract documentation with QuickBooks, I believe PandaDoc is a top-rated document management software that will help you manage contracts with vendors and suppliers more effortlessly.  

Moreover, you can add extra functionalities to your QuickBooks quotes, with PandaDoc helping you to create high-converting pricing tables that win more sales. You can even automate sales reporting to allow your sales team to focus on generating leads.

Best features: 

  • It integrates with your small business’s CRM to help you pull data directly from it and into QuickBooks to spare you from having to do so manually. 
  • With PandaDoc, you can build more advanced QuickBooks quotes which are more accurate and help you close new deals with higher success rates. 
  • It also comes with a smart content system, which allows you to automatically adapt content to recipients’ inputs & minimize back-and-forth communication. 


  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $19/user per month. 


PandaDoc has many top features that will help you manage quotes, proposals, and contracts more efficiently. However, I find that it’s not a complete solution as it lacks key features to help you manage other types of QuickBooks documents. 

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4. Revver


Revver enhances collaboration for your small business. 

Via the content hub, you can share, co-create, edit, and review Quickbook documents with your accounting teams and your clients. With your team working in unison, you can achieve even more efficiency with your financial reporting. 

Additionally, you can perform document requests and provide upload steps, which allows you to conveniently collect financial data & sort it to the right destination

It gets better as you can automate customer information management, with Revver automatically extracting key client data that enables you to provide more timely financial management services. 

With in-depth accounting analytics, I recommend Revver as a must-try document management software for your team. This feature enables you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your finances for more accrued financial forecasting. 

Best features: 

  • It lets you automate the collection of tax-related documents so that your small business can perform tax planning and preparation more accurately. 
  • Revver offers an integrated esignature feature that lets you collect e-signatures from various parties remotely so that you can draft financial records faster.
  • It offers a secure file sharing portal that lets you securely exchange sensitive financial information online to enhance collaboration with your colleagues. 


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact Revver for pricing. 


Revver arms you with a lot of top collaboration features that boost productivity for your financial team. However, I established that their subscription fees is quite high and prohibitive, more so if you’re a small business working with a tight budget.

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5. SmartVault 

SmartVault helps you secure financial information. 

With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly add your small business’s bookkeeping records, invoices, and other financial files into SmartVault without having to recreate all your documents from scratch. 

Essentially, SmartVault allows you to create a separate vault with SSL technology for your QuickBooks files to prevent unauthorized access & data breaches

Furthermore, you can use the SmartVault toolbar to attach files to QuickBooks desktop entries. So you’ll not only simplify your recording keeping but also create clear audit trails that help you monitor your accounting process better to eliminate fraud. 

Just like FileCenter, it also allows you to create digital signatures. This feature enables your accounting department to get legally binding signatures remotely for consent forms and contracts to further speed up your accounting processes. 

Best features: 

  • SmartVault offers you a branded client portal that you can use to obtain more information from your clients to prepare invoices and financial statements faster. 
  • Its 256-AES encryption helps your small businesses to secure all your financial data and protect sensitive client data within them such as bank information. 
  • By automating your QuickBooks workflow, you can delegate administrative tasks to SmartVault to save time and focus on higher-level accounting tasks. 


  • No free trial.
  • Starting plan: $25/user per month.  


SmartVault offers your small business military-grade encryption and it’s the best document management software for QuickBooks if you’re keen on securing financial data. However, I find that setting up the vaults is time-consuming and complex. 

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6. FileHold 

FileHold lets you find any QuickBooks documents fast.

It comes with a FastFind feature, which integrates with QuickBooks, to help you search and retrieve documents saved in unfamiliar directories within its repositories. 

On top of that, FileHold’s payment updater allows you to update invoices in FileHold with payments from QuickBooks to avoid delays and late fees. 

Moreover, you can add direct QuickBooks document links into FileHold with its URL builder. In turn, you can categorize files with matching information like purchase orders together so that you can approve vendor transactions more conveniently. 

It also lets you save email attachments to files. Consequently, I find it to be the best document management software for use with QuickBooks if you regularly send invoices via email and would like a more effective way of managing and approving them. 

Best features: 

  • Its print-to-FileHold feature allows you to automatically collect invoices, purchase orders, and other documents that QuickBooks generates to save you time. 
  • You can send approved invoices as bills to QuickBooks via its export script. With faster validation, you can greatly speed up your procure-to-pay cycles. 
  • FileHold’s mobile feature combines with QuickBooks online mobile services to help you create and send invoices so that you can be productive on the fly. 


  • 10-day free trial. 
  • Contact FIleHold for pricing. 


FileHold has many QuickBooks features that help you elevate various functions of the software to make you efficient. However, I’ve noticed many of these QuickBooks features require deep technical understanding which steepens the learning curve. 

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7. Box 

Box streamlines and automates file synching & storage.

Its cloud content management feature allows you to store all your financial data in one central location. Now, your small business can enhance teamwork in the preparation of financial plans, forecasting reports, and cost-benefit analyses.

With Box’s connector for QuickBooks, you can load data from one CSV file into multiple QuickBooks objects for more efficient accounting data splitting. 

In addition, you get real-time analytics that you can use to review budgets more effectively for the upcoming fiscal year. This allows you to share up-to-date files with investors to boost investor relationships with your business. 

Just like FileCenter, you can automate your file management strategy with the Box Skills module, which applies metadata to files so that you can retrieve them faster. 

Best features:

  • Courtesy of the Box Governance module, you can protect and retain data. This will help your small business to comply with complex regulations. 
  • It allows you to create comprehensive audit trails for over 300 document history actions, which helps you to proactively identify and mitigate security risks. 
  • Box lets you route onboarding documents into a cloud-accessible hub. This way, you can accelerate onboarding cycles for your clients, suppliers and vendors.


  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $17.30/user per month. 


Box integrates with QuickBooks to increase your cloud capacity and the performance of your QuickBooks software. However, you’ll need to buy a third-party extension separately to enable this integration as Box doesn’t natively support QuickBooks.

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8. DocStar

DocStar is an accounts payable automation software. 

It lets you centralize all your accounts payable documents, allowing you to overcome the data inconsistencies and redundancies that come with the multiple data streams that QuickBooks generates. 

Additionally, you can use DocStar’s duplicate invoice checking to identify duplicate invoices and avoid double-paying your suppliers and vendors.

Better yet, it enables you to automatically route invoices you receive to the right approval authorities, which allows your suppliers to get paid promptly to eliminate disruptions for your small business. 

You can also set up custom accounting process rules that help your business’s employees ensure they don’t accidentally violate document retention standards. 

Finally, you can also leverage the receipt scanning software feature to process receipts for your employee’s out-of-office expenses for timely reimbursements.

Best features: 

  • It allows you to perform automated invoice matching to help verify that the invoice data is correct so that you can make more accurate payments. 
  • DocStar’s custom validations and calculations allow you to mitigate human error and increase the accuracy of data that you use for financial reporting. 
  • Its Fuzzy search feature allows you to retrieve financial documents by their content so that you can find information in case you forget file names.


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact DocStar for pricing. 


In a nutshell, I find that DocStar is a great document management software to automate and improve the accuracy of your AP processes. That said, it has limited AR automation features and it’s therefore not a complete accounting solution for QuickBooks.

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9. Folderit

Folderit makes your month-end close easier.

You can use it to digitize your accounting documents so you can find what you need with a few clicks. So you don’t have to blindly rummage through an ocean of financial data featuring tax documents, audit reports, and other files. 

What’s more, you can set automatic notifications for shared files to keep you informed of changes made to your balance sheets to improve accountability

It also comes with a file preview feature that lets you quickly skim through lengthy documents without having to open each one.

Just like FileCenter, it offers Microsoft 365 integration. This enables you to connect live data in QuickBooks to Excel spreadsheets so that you can update sales receipts and invoices with the latest financial information. 

Best features:

  • Thanks to the Global Access feature, you can access your data 24/7 even when you’re out running errands. This gives your workflow great flexibility.  
  • It has a dedicated email service with real-time alerts that help you stay on top of important project information so you can meet your deadlines comfortably.
  • Folderit automatically catalogs your financial documents via its metadata tagging feature. In turn, you can delegate document sorting and find files quickly.


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $27 per month. 


At the end of the day, this is a document management software worth trying out as it greatly simplifies your month-end close work. Even so, I’ve noticed that its online cloud storage capability is significantly lower than the market average. 

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10. DocuSign

DocuSign makes document signing convenient.  

You can use it to bridge QuickBooks’s lack of a digital signature feature, allowing your clients to sign documents directly in QuickBooks Online so that you close deals faster. 

With DocuSign’s bulk send, you can send documents for signing to contacts in your CRM, thus making your bulk approval processes more efficient.

It also offers your small business advanced formulas that augment the basic accounting formulas of QuickBooks. These help you to quickly perform complex equations such as break-even point, debt-to-equity ratio, and profit margins, among others.

By leveraging its file encryption and authentication system, you can ensure the right people sign the right files. Therefore, I believe it’s a top-rated document management software if you handle sensitive financial files that require constant signing. 

Best features: 

  • DocuSign equips QuickBooks with on-screen digital signature capabilities that allow your clients to sign documents to eventually shorten your cash flow cycle. 
  • It also allows you to securely deliver financial documents via WhatsApp and SMS channels to increase your small business’s transaction speeds.
  • You can build very dynamic web forms to automatically collect financial data from your clients and route them to the right folder destinations for each project.


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $10/user per month. 


DocuSign is a great solution if you’re most concerned about reducing document approval delays through e-signatures. That aside, it lacks other crucial features of a standard document management system such as advanced PDF editing controls.

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QuickBooks is susceptible to data entry errors.

Since you have to feed a lot of information manually, your employees can make costly mistakes when preparing financial documents like payroll reports.

With the accounting mistakes resulting from manual accounting processes, your business will inevitably face stiff regulatory penalties.

In fact, the IRS recently revealed that businesses paid $7 billion in fines in 2021 due to payroll errors alone. This emphasizes the need for you to leverage the best document management software for use with Quickbooks to shore up data entry accuracy.

All things considered, I recommend FileCenter due to its ability to completely automate data entry and improve the accuracy of your accounting processes 

Click here to start your Free FileCenter trial and unlock the full potential of QuickBooks for your business. 

With our software, you can perform data retrieval much faster to boost your productivity while lowering your operational costs through digitization.