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Older Versions of FileCenter and FileConvert

Use these files to reinstall your program. Please check your version number carefully.

NOTE: You must have a valid product key to install these programs. For FileCenter 10 and newer, you can only install versions released while you were on a current Maintenance plan.

Version 10
FileCenter 10 Setup FileCenter 10 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 10 Setup FileConvert 10 Installation File (Version
Version 9
FileCenter 9 Setup FileCenter 9.0 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 9 Setup FileConvert 9 Installation File (Version
Version 8
FileCenter 8 Setup FileCenter 8.0 Installation File (Version   Fixes ODBC errors
FileConvert 8 Setup FileConvert 8 Installation File (Version

(If you need a version that isn't listed, please contact Technical Support.)