5 Best HR Document Management Software to Check Out in 2024

5 Best HR Document Management Software to Check Out in 2024

HR departments manage so many employee records. 

Most of these files, including contracts, medical files, and payroll records exist as paper, while other essential HR documents are stored electronically across legacy systems. This creates document disconnects that eat up valuable time.

Therefore, traditional HR document management creates complex employee information systems that kill productivity.

Consequently, you need the best HR document management software to reconcile employee records and make them easier to find.

In fact, HR teams can recover 31% of work hours by solving document disconnects, according to an IDC study. This is time that you can divert toward improving employee engagement, among other critical HR tasks.

So, with the right tool, you can holistically improve your HR department.

In this article, I will guide you through the best HR document management software to check out in 2024. These tools will help you unite disparate employee information management systems and achieve greater productivity. 

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Quick summary: 

1. FileCenter – Best for HR document management compliance.

2. GoCo – Best for document management during onboarding. 

3. UKG – Best for tracking & improving employee performances. 

4. DocStar – Best for automating HR document management. 

5. Box – Best for standardizing the publication of HR content. 

Let’s get started.

How to Choose a HR Document Management Software

a) Consider compliance assistance features

It’s paramount that you go with a solution that offers legal compliance features that make it easy to store and manage documents as per the needs of your jurisdiction. 

More specifically, when selecting a HR document management software, examine if it creates clear document audit trails that make meeting state and federal compliance requirements easier.

b) Examine compatibility with your tools

If you use certain onboarding, collaborative, and payroll tools, choosing a HR document management software that integrates with these software will ease implementation.

For instance, you should go with a HR tool that works with SharePoint if you rely on the latter for various HR tasks. You’ll save time by not having to recreate new employee profiles. 

c) Examine data centralization abilities

Data centralization is a key factor of how to choose a HR document management software as this will help merge data across different PCs to reduce iterative work.

With these centralized document repositories, the best HR document management software will help manage all your HR tasks in one place. This improves productivity and efficiency. 

d) Think about the size of your HR

The number of simultaneous users is a key aspect of what to consider when choosing a HR document management software that performs well with huge demand.

Crucially, a highly scalable solution will improve your company’s efficiency. It does so by ensuring that there are no drop-offs in terms of performance as the number of software users increases. 

e) Prioritize electronic signature features

Finally, consider software that has e-signature capabilities. This is one of the top tips for choosing a HR document management software as it will determine cost-efficiency. 

For instance, document management tools with e-signature features will avoid the need to buy extra software subscriptions by enabling the remote and convenient signing of employee files. 

1. FileCenter 


FileCenter is a big help with legal HR compliance.

Via the separators feature, you can easily split up batches of documents. This allows you to isolate employee records such as form I-9s, medical records, and leave documents to store them separately as per legal requirements.

Therefore, FileCenter’s document separators help you observe federal and state laws for employee record storage.

Furthermore, it offers OCR digitization technology. 

You can digitize employees’ paper records, allowing you to store them for extended periods and create clear audit trails as per unique state laws. As a result, I find that FileCenter is the best HR document management software to check out in 2024 for improving HR legal compliance. 

Additionally, you also get Outlook email management with FileCenter.

So you can use this tool to reconcile important email attachments such as sick leave sheets with your FileCenter document management system. This ensures more accurate and up-to-date employee files.

Best features: 

  • Document separators that allow you to store confidential employee information separately and therefore easily observe state and federal requirements.
  • Email and fax services which help to collate all your employee data into one centralized location to ensure fewer iterative tasks and more efficiency.
  • FileCenter client portal where you can collect changing employee information like contact details & marital status, among others, for up-to-date record keeping.


  • Pricing starts at $5/user per month. 

Notably, FileCenter is not Mac-compatible. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent choice if your HR department runs on Windows due to Office and OneDrive integrations that speed up your productivity with various Windows applications.

2. GoCo


GoCo allows you to track various HR data points. 

For instance, you can use it to digitize and monitor various documents during the hiring process, such as employee offer letters, background checks, and resumes. This allows you to track potential new hires more holistically to ensure more successful hires.

Consequently, GoCo is most ideal for eliminating paperwork and speeding up the onboarding processes for your HR department. 

Moreover, the software offers various methods for creating e-signatures to eliminate the need to print and scan documents. 

And there’s more still. 

You can use GoCo’s auto-fill document fields to automatically populate documents with relevant data. This will make your workflow more time-efficient by reducing repetitive data entry work. 

For all these reasons, I find that this is the best HR document management software to check out in 2024 for streamlining your hiring processes.

Best features: 

  • HR document completion tracking which allows you to track documents across their life cycles. This helps to expedite various HR processes like onboarding.
  • Template library that includes templates for government forms, offer letters, and other HR documents, which lowers iterative work and improves data consistency.
  • Automatic document version tracking that allows your HR department to create and maintain clear and accurate document audit trails to improve compliance. 


  • Pricing starts at $5/user per month. 

GoCo offers multiple features for managing various HR processes, and this can make it challenging to learn. However, this also means it offers a holistic solution for improving different HR tasks beyond document management like payroll & benefits administration.

3. UKG


UKG allows you to get the most out of your workforce.

It offers a centralized location for storing personnel data, particularly as pertains to their performance at work. As a result, you can use this information to identify and sort out causes of productivity dips at your company. 

With real-time performance data analytics, UKG collects continuous feedback to help your HR department create a more productive work environment.

Therefore, I find that UKG is the best HR document management software for tracking and improving workflow output. 

That said, this tool also offers a portal for sharing information, just like FileCenter.

This portal enables employee self-service, where employees can take an active role in managing their own documents e.g. by updating changes in their personal information. Consequently, the workload reduces for your HR department.  

Best features: 

  • Comprehensive HR data tracking including attendance, employee history, and demographic information which helps you to engage and empower staff better.
  • Mobile application that gives HR professionals the ability to update critical HR policies such as sick leave changes and so on even when you’re out of the office. 
  • Filing support for wage disbursement and several tax forms. This feature allows you to observe tax filing safety standards with greater accuracy and efficiency. 


  • Contact UKG for pricing. 

Being a mid-enterprise document management tool, UKG might be too expensive for smaller HR teams to adopt. However, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to streamline very complex HR information systems with hundreds of employees.

4. DocStar


DocStar leverages automation to improve HR efficiency. 

With intelligent data capture, you can cut down on having to manually enter data into employee documents such as post-separation, benefits, and insurance forms, to name a few. The result is fewer missing documents and more accurate filing.

Overall, by simplifying document creation with AI-driven automation, DocStar reduces the time your HR department spends on document-related tasks. 

But DocStar doesn’t just help with HR document creation.

It also comes in handy for solving office time wasters like document sorting. With a classification engine that runs on deep learning algorithms, DocStar automates file sorting so that you don’t have to manually perform document separation. 

In light of these features, I believe DocStar is the best HR document management software in 2024 for automating HR document management. This makes it ideal if your HR department has limited personnel and a huge workload. 

Best features: 

  • Data capture validation database which implements predefined validation parameters to ensure even greater data extra accuracy for your HR documents. 
  • Compliance controls which enable you to customize document retention and processing tasks as per your specific requirements for regulatory compliance. 
  • Auto-find data fields that eliminate the need to build document templates. In turn, you can quickly set up new document types without having to start from scratch. 


  • Contact DocStar for pricing

Notably, DocStar lacks in-depth documentation on how to use the software and customize it for your workflow. Nonetheless, it has a simple user interface and the reliable support team provides timely assistance when needed. 

5. Box


Box standardizes the management of employee records.

By creating a digital repository based in the cloud, this tool unites employee files in separate hard drives and paper files. Consequently, it allows you to easily find relevant documents when you’re dealing with employee-based litigation. 

What’s more, you can use Box to create a mobile-accessible hub for company policies to update your employees on the latest workplace changes.

Therefore, I find that Box is the best HR document management software if your HR department needs a centralized location for regularly publishing HR content, especially regarding company policies and benefits. 

Just like FileCenter, Box offers secure online document storage, complete with granular permission control.

This allows you to control content access to documents to protect sensitive employee data better. Additionally, this feature also reduces the administrative burden on your HR department.

Best features: 

  • Automatic metadata generation for each document in your HR portal. This makes it easier and more time-efficient to locate files spread out across personal drives. 
  • Employee records management that eases compliance with FLSA, EEOC, and other labor laws by allowing you to easily dispose of and retain employee files.
  • Centralized recruiting content that includes everything from candidate resumes to interview notes, which enables your HR department to make higher-quality hires.


  • Pricing starts at $5.80/user per month. 

Box has synching issues with mobile devices which can slow down the performance of its mobile-accessible hub. However, the computer application works excellently, making it a great solution if your HR department’s workflow is largely based on-premise.


Record retention rules are a burden for HR departments.

Not only do federal laws require that you store some employee records separately for three to seven years but also store them in certain file formats. This becomes very challenging with paper documents that easily get damaged or lost

Ultimately, poor HR document management makes it difficult to manage employee information, thereby increasing the risk of non-compliance with labor laws. 

In fact, an M-File survey revealed that  41% of HR teams struggle with managing employee paper records, translating to many clashes with federal & state authorities. 

However, you can meet retention and file format requirements easily by leveraging the best HR document management software. 

For compliance-driven HR document management, I recommend FileCenter. Meanwhile, GoCo is a great solution for improving employee onboarding while UKG is ideal for enhancing employee performance. 

Be sure to schedule your free FileCenter trial to learn how you make your HR department more productive and compliant. 


What is a HR document management software? 

A HR document management tool is designed to help HR departments collect, digitize, and store employee information to improve organization and efficiency. 

Furthermore, your file management software centralizes key employee files and provides intelligent search methods. This makes it easier to find the information you need to manage your employee life cycles better.  

What are the benefits of a HR document management software? 

Besides increasing productivity, the best HR document management software provides data backup and encryption that enable you to protect confidential employee records.

Additionally, such tools provide digital certificates for e-signatures. This saves you time with document management by allowing your employees to sign labor contracts, NDA agreements, and other files remotely. 

Are electronic files generated by HR document management software legal? 

Yes. Digital copies of your employee records are recognized by federal and state laws and therefore you are well covered and shouldn’t have problems with legal compliance.

In fact, FileCenter offers regulatory-compliant document management that helps you to meet not just national but also international regulatory requirements such as Europe’s GDPR laws. 

What is the cost of a HR document management software? 

With vendors like FileCenter, you can get comprehensive HR document management software for only $5/user per month, ensuring minimal recurring costs for HR teams.

Moreover, FileCenter offers other custom pricing plans for your HR department. Crucially, we also include the option for a one-time payment of $97 per user, which completely eliminates any maintenance costs.

Why is FileCenter the best HR document management software? 

FileCenter comes with high-performance document digitization technology that helps you lower unnecessary expenses like paper purchase costs as a HR department. 

On top of that, other key FileCenter features include predefined folders and document templates. These avoid the need to create new forms from scratch to make your HR department more efficient.