10 Best eFileCabinet [Revver] Alternatives Small Businesses Should Try in 2024

10 Best eFileCabinet [Revver] Alternatives Small Businesses Should Try in 2024

eFileCabinet, now rebranded to Revver, can create data silos.

It uses a complex database system that may be incompatible with your existing data sources and applications.

It means with eFileCabinet’s file storage mechanism, you may alienate some of your business data and this can hide key business insights. 

Unfortunately, Dell Technologies established that 60% of businesses have fragmented data workflows. Incompatible solutions that significantly hinder data consolidation are massive contributors.

You can get around this challenge by leveraging the best eFileCabinet alternatives that don’t operate on a complex database in the first place. 

With the right solution, you can store your files in standard Windows folders, and this can remove the need for integrations between your applications and the document management system. So you can automatically sync data between both platforms.

In this article, we’ll explore the best eFileCabinet alternatives small businesses should try in 2024 that can help you improve your efficiency and revenue. 

Quick summary: 

1. FileCenter – Best for ease of installation & use. 

2. OpenKM – Best for intricate document workflows.

3. DocuPhase – Best for managing financial documents. 

4. M-Files – Best for improving document collaboration. 

5. Folderit – Best for its live search capabilities.

Let’s get started. 

3 Reasons to Consider a Great eFileCabinet Alternative

a) More training resources

Best eFileCabinet [Revver] Alternatives Bad Review

When it comes to the depth of training materials, I must admit that eFileCabinet leaves you high and dry. There’s little information to help you get started so you may find that you have to figure out many functionalities on your own.

With a great small business file management software that has diverse learning aids, you can quickly master key features. For example, you get a huge knowledge base with our software, which can help you to quickly improve documented-related processes.

b) More integration options

eFileCabinet supports a limited range of common workflow tools, and this can really slow down your workflow as you may need to constantly export data between apps. Alternatively, you may have to seek out third-party integrations at an extra cost. 

Meanwhile, many other excellent Revver alternatives are natively built to support your workflow tools to help you create an expansive file digitization strategy. You can get in-built integrations without having to burn a hole in your bank account.

c)  Seamless & effortless migration

Best eFileCabinet [Revver] Alternatives Professional Review

If you already use a digital filing system, you may find it a nightmare to migrate to eFileCabinet. This is because it requires that you create extensive profiles, metadata, and configuration modules, which can make the transition process very hectic.

That said, you can make your migration journey more seamless by turning to the best eFileCabinet alternatives. They can also increase your productivity by helping you automate setup, software updating, and data migration tasks for your small business.

1. FileCenter

FileCenter is a very easy to learn and use software. 

Since it doesn’t use a database like eFileCabinet, you get a user-friendly interface that leverages basic Windows knowledge. So if you want to organize files better & without complications, I find that it’s among the best eFileCabinet alternatives to try out.

Additionally, FileCenter integrates with Windows applications to allow you to save files directly into FileCenter with very few steps. 

It also gives you advanced PDF editing features from within the interface, unlike Revver, and this can make your small business more efficient and productive.

Best features: 

  • FileCenter allows you to store files locally on your system, unlike Revver which requires that you store documents in the cloud. So you can choose to deploy it locally for enhanced security or via a cloud service to improve file access. 
  • You get more extended document scanning functionalities, which allow you to automate bulk scanning jobs. What’s more, it can also automate the routing and naming of scanned files to further speed up your small business’s workflow. 
  • FileCenter gives you a secure client portal, where you can easily exchange files with colleagues and clients. Complete with alerts about document actions, this portal helps you improve the efficiency and speed of information sharing. 


  • 15-day free trial.
  • Starting plan: $5/user per month. 


FileCenter negates the need for databases and, instead, leverages basic Windows folder layouts which means you can install, learn, and use it very quickly and easily. Additionally, you also get more comprehensive document scanning features like one-click scanning which can help you reduce iterative document scanning chores. 

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2. OpenKM 

OpenKM lets you create seamless document workflows.

This is a feature that Revver notably lacks and one that allows you to simplify your small business processes and perfect your file management workflow. In turn, you can streamline how you assign, approve, and review document-related tasks. 

What’s more, OpenKM gives you a mail archiver that allows you to automatically import emails into a repository for better protection and easier access. 

It also gives you the ability to preview more file types and extensions than eFileCabinet, including Office files, PDFs, images, audio, video, and AutoCAD documents.

Best features: 

  • OpenKM delivers robust email management features that come with automatic import and filter sort. This helps you to improve and automate your email management so that you can free up more work hours for your small business.
  • It offers unlimited OCR document scanning, which enables you to digitize your paper records directly into the cloud, email, or your local repository. Therefore, you can reduce your dependence on paper while improving your productivity. 
  • You also get very helpful electronic invoicing features, which help you to reduce the risk of fraudulent billing practices through automatic invoice validation. Additionally, it can also help you get paid faster to create a healthier cash flow. 


  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Contact OpenKM for pricing. 


With OpenKM, you can create very intricate and automated document workflows, which allow you to define and reuse business logic to simplify and accelerate document tasks. However, I’ve noticed that OpenKM’s OCR technology can be a bit faulty sometimes, resulting in errors that may necessitate that you perform extensive document cleaning. 

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3. DocuPhase

DocuPhase can help you improve your financial processes. 

It empowers you to manage your financial documents centrally so that your small business can readily and more accurately prepare balance sheets and tax returns. 

Moreover, you can use DocuPhase’s configurable search parameters to perform more intricate file searches that ensure more relevant search results. 

Unlike eFileCabinet, which has limited email capabilities beyond archiving, DocuPhase delivers more advanced email documentation management features, including inbox monitoring. This can help you to optimize email-related work and lighten your workload. 

Best features: 

  • It comes with a dedicated data center with cloud hosting so that your small business can store its information in the cloud which can help offset some of your data storage expenses. Additionally, this can also minimize your IT workload. 
  • DocuPhase has multiple integration options that accommodate ERPs such as Sage, Dynamics, and NetSuite. So if your business already relies on an ERP system, it can help you to collate your data without manual data migration.
  • It also gives you electronic web forms that allow you to paperlessly collect critical data about your small business. You can use this feature to establish intricate customer profiles that may improve your lead-generation processes.


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact DocuPhase for pricing. 


DocuPhase has key financial document management features that can help you track your cash flow better so that you can identify opportunities to improve your financial health. That said, I find that its iLink feature, which enables integration with Windows apps, can be problematic and this can hinder your ability to use apps interoperably.

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4. M-Files 


M-Files is an intelligent content collaboration platform. 

Compared to eFileCabinet, it delivers more advanced collaborative features like metadata-driven file collaboration. Therefore, I believe that it’s one of the best Revver alternatives to help you improve office efficiency and teamwork for your small business. 

M-Files also gives you social and chat features for its document workflows, which helps you ensure colleagues can communicate more effectively.

Just like FileCenter, it can help you observe regulatory compliance through role-based permissions for your information systems and automated document retention as well. 

Best features: 

  • You get an AI-powered assistant, namely M-Files Aino, that can help you summarize a document to uncover key details and main points. Furthermore, you can save these summaries as file metadata to improve document context. 
  • It comes with in-built document version tracking, while it also maps out a clear trail of access logs for documents. With this information, you can quickly audit your document processes against guidelines to help you stay compliant.
  • M-Files gives you a clause library, which has an assortment of common clauses and templates that you may require to prepare business documents such as contracts. Consequently, it can greatly accelerate your document drafting tasks. 


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Contact M-Files for pricing. 


M-Files allows you to create digital workspaces and virtual boardrooms and also provides social and chat features that can help you improve collaboration for your small business. However, I find that the pricing model is quite rigid because it operates on a minimum user policy so you have to pay for more seats than you really need.

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5. Folderit

Folderit gives your small business flexible document storage.

It delivers cloud-based file storage with triple backups, which can help you improve your small business’s data management strategy to protect you from data loss events.

More importantly, Folderit allows you to set varying degrees of permissions so that you can limit access and the risk of human error to increase data accuracy.  

It also improves on Revver’s full text search with a live search feature, which enables you to view results as you type to quicken the search process.

Best features: 

  • You can leverage Folderit’s document numbering automation to organize files as per a personalized numbering scheme. With this system, you can create unique file identifiers which make documents simpler to retrieve and track. 
  • Folderit also lets you assign email addresses to folders so that files that you receive via email can be automatically routed to the appropriate locations based on their content. This helps to make email management more efficient. 
  • It delivers an online document management system that’s mobile-friendly and allows you to access your repository via a smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC. As a result, you don’t have to be on-site to address your customers’ issues.   


  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $27 per month.


With Folderit’s live search feature, you can view document results without being redirected to a results page first, and this can improve your information retrieval speeds. However, I’ve noticed that it restricts the file size for its fast document upload feature, so you may find that it takes you a lot of time to upload large files for your small business.

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6. Egnyte 

Egynte can help you reinforce your data security strategy. 

It comes with a lifecycle management monitor that you can use to understand your small business’s data profile and protect sensitive information by identifying and solving potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  

Interestingly, you also get intelligent file caching, which allows you to access frequently used files during moments of low bandwidth and internet outages. 

While eFileCabinet leverages traditional data classification systems where you have to manually tag and organize office files, Egnyte automates the process so that there’s a lower risk that you can accidentally misgroup regulated data. 

Best features: 

  • It offers a snapshot & recovery add-on, which enables you to restore compromised files and folders, as well as their associated permissions. This can help your small business to recover faster from ransomware attacks.
  • Egnyte gives you proactive data minimization controls that help you to automatically identify and delete duplicate files in your repository. In turn, it may help you reduce your data storage costs and fortify your data privacy measures.
  • You also get real-time reporting and document analytics, which gives you prompt insights into user behavior regarding document-related work. With this information, you can manage tasks better to improve productivity for your staff.


  • 15-day free trial.
  • Starting plan: $20/user per month. 


If you’re looking to protect sensitive data and improve regulatory compliance, Egynte is certainly one of the best Revver alternatives to help you out due to its robust data security safeguards. Nonetheless, I find that Egnyte has very expensive subscription plans, so it may not be a financially sound option if you have a tight budget. 

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7. SmartVault

SmartVault is a very scalable file management solution. 

While Revver has a maximum file storage limit, SmartVault does not. So it’s a great solution if you have very huge online document storage needs for your workflow.

Moreover, you get customizable document request list templates that can help you expedite engagement with your small business’s clients. 

Just like FileCenter, it also gives you a client file-sharing portal which Revver doesn’t have. Therefore, I find that it’s one of the best eFileCabinet alternatives to help you to securely exchange information with clients. 

Best features: 

  • It gives you certified electronic vaults where you centrally store your digital assets and authoritative copies of files like contracts. This helps you protect original documents that you can fall back on to resolve contract & agreement disputes. 
  • With SmartVault DocDown, you get customizable templates that you can use to quickly create documents and automatically save them to client-specific folders. So you can increase information retrieval to decrease customer wait times.
  • You get a TaxCalc integration, to help you reconcile your financial information into TaxCalc so that you can accurately calculate taxes for your small business. In turn, it may help you to reduce the need to outsource your tax preparation needs. 


  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $25/user per month. 


SmartVault’s request list features and client file-sharing portal, make it a powerful solution to help you securely share information with clients to improve your turnaround times. That said, I’ve realized that it doesn’t have native document editing abilities, so you’ll have to download files and edit them in your system before uploading them again.

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8. DynaFile

DynaFile can greatly bolster your small business’s HR workflow. 

It’s easily one of the top HR document management solutions if you’d like to improve onboarding, hiring, and other HR-specific processes.  

Crucially, DynaFile gives you HR file audit tools that can help you determine whether you’re storing employee records in a regulatory-compliant manner. 

It also syncs with your HRIS to help you centralize key HR documentation so that you don’t have to constantly and manually migrate data across both platforms whenever the information changes. As a result, it can greatly boost your productivity. 

Best features: 

  • It gives you automated onboarding workflows, where you can electronically collect signatures and data from new hires. With this automation, you can accelerate onboarding and help your staff to hit the ground running. 
  • You get a scan-to-cloud feature that allows you to delegate some of your file storage burden to the cloud so that you can reduce the strain on your on-premise infrastructure. This way, you can also instantly access your files from anywhere.
  • DynaFile also comes with an archive and utility feature that enables you to automatically delete records once record retention requirements are met. This feature also makes it easy for you to export data when switching cloud providers.


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact DynaFile for pricing.


If improving your HR processes is a pressing priority, you may find that DynaFile’s HR-specific features allow you to streamline tasks better than Revver’s generic HR capabilities. However, I’ve noticed that DynaFile struggles to handle concurrent tasks so it may perform poorly when you use the system with several other users simultaneously. 

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9. NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a legal document management platform. 

You can use NdMax to build a custom workflow management system as per your unique goals. In light of this, I believe it’s one of the best Revver alternatives to help you create custom document workflows as per your small business’s unique needs. 

Furthermore, you can use NetDocuments file analytics to identify and potentially improve employee performances for document-related tasks. 

Unlike eFileCabinet, you get geoaware cloud document storage which enables you to store files in specific locations, in line with the data residency requirements you may be looking to observe.

Best features: 

  • It has customer-managed encryption keys, which help you add a third layer of security and control to your repository.  With customers also sharing custody of these keys, this can help you increase consumer confidence and public trust.
  • NetDocuments integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook, which allows you to handle different document types and formats from within its interface. This reduces the need for constant app switching and can make you more productive.
  • You get a collaborative document viewer that enables your team to mark up, share, and annotate documents without getting in each other’s way. As a result, your small business can make collaborative document work more efficient.


  • No free trial.
  • Contact NetDocuments for pricing. 


NetDocuments gives you a no-code workflow builder, ndMax, which you can use to build apps and document management workflows that address your specific needs. However, I’ve determined that it has quite a limited file type coverage, so you may find that it doesn’t natively support some document formats such as AutoCAD files.

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10. Square 9 

Square 9 is powered by next-generation web technology. 

It outperforms Revver when it comes to scanning quality because it has an advanced capture engine that helps you improve OCR accuracy to create high-quality documents. 

That aside, Square 9’s GlobalSearch Go is built for simultaneously multi-user activity that helps you improve search performance during high-traffic periods. 

You also get on-demand reporting for document-driven tasks with its GlobalAnalytics feature. So it’s a great file management software if you’re keen on improving your data quality, which can, by extension, enhance your business intelligence as well. 

Best features:

  • It has a business management module that helps you map and structure document tasks such as capture, archival, and approval, among others. With this process visibility, it becomes easy for you to optimize your document workflows. 
  • Square 9 enables you to collect information via intuitive web forms that you can create in minutes, thanks to pre-defined templates. This can help you get the data you need to strengthen customer relationships with your small business.
  • It forgoes template-based data extraction, which is a technique used by eFileCabinet, for line item extraction. This can help you to extract only important information from documents such as purchase orders for faster processing. 


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact Square 9 for pricing. 


Square 9’s GlobalSearch Go features give you a login-free and scalable search platform that helps you keep your document workflows performing optimally even under very heavy use. However, I find that it provides very many functionalities yet it has few resources to guide you on how to use them, so this may steepen the learning curve. 

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Revver can greatly obstruct your workflow’s flexibility.

While it gives you a mobile app, you may notice that it’s very glitchy, slow to perform, and often crashes. 

Overall, Revver’s faulty mobile document management system makes it difficult for you to access your documents remotely and work on the go. 

In fact, M-Files discovered that 80% of employees need to access office files remotely to succeed. This proves that mobile-friendly platforms are a necessity for modern work.

So I find that the best eFileCabinet alternatives for small businesses in 2024 should have issue-free and feature-rich mobile access features. In particular, I recommend FileCenter for ease of use and OpenKM for complex workflows. 

Click here to start your free FileCenter trial and explore how our very mobile-friendly platform enables you to perform advanced document tasks remotely.

With our software’s extensive mobile document management features, you can increase your small business’s productivity to help you become more profitable.

Why FileCenter is the Best eFileCabinet Alternative for your Small Business

a) Dedicated mobile application

Revver has a glitchy mobile application, so you may find that you need to rely on a desktop app and bulky office equipment for scanning tasks. This can make it very challenging for you to digitize files on the go, and may therefore cause workflow delays. 

Conversely, you can scan files using your iPhone or Android, courtesy of our FileCenter Portal app. So you can scan and digitize paperwork during out-of-office tasks, while you may also not need to purchase expensive and dedicated scanning equipment. 

b) Comprehensive document scanning. 

If you handle a lot of incoming paper, FileCenter is easily one of the best Revver alternatives for your small business. That’s because it has more comprehensive scanning features that can help achieve end-to-end process automation. 

With the FileCenter Automate software, you can let our platform handle routine scanning-related work for you, such as scanning itself, routing, document naming, and even document classification. So it can help you become more productive. 

c) Very soft learning curve

FileCenter is also easier to learn in comparison because it doesn’t store your files in complex databases but in your typical Windows folders. However, it improves the organization and searchability of your files so you can find them easily. 

As a result, you don’t need to learn complex database skills, and this can help you accommodate non-technical employees who may be using the software. It also means that you save a lot of money since you don’t have to set up complex IT infrastructure. 

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