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A FileCabinet CS Alternative and Replacement that doesn't force you into the Cloud

In This Article:

  • Organize files like you did in FileCabinet CS – in an electronic filing cabinet
  • Enjoy scanning built for speed
  • Retain the annotation support you enjoyed in FileCabinet CS, and gain even more PDF power
  • Don't think you have to get locked into a database again
  • Contrary to what Thompson says, you can make the Cloud optional
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FileCabinet CS Alternative and Replacement Overview

With the Thompson Reuters announcement that FileCabinet CS is moving to the Cloud, thousands of angry users are wondering if there's still a way to keep their client files safe and secure on their own machines. The good news is that there is a user-friendly alternative to FileCabinet CS that doesn't require you to use the Cloud. And the alternative is FileCenter.

In this article, we'll cover some key comparisons and show you why we recommend FileCenter.

Organize Files in an Electronic Filing Cabinet, Just like FileCabinet CS

It's a paradigm that we all understand intuitively: the filing cabinet. But rather than a simple tree view like FileCabinet CS, FileCenter displays a list of actual file drawers, each of which compartmentalizes its own folders and files. It's a rapid system for accessing any document. Speaking of which, FileCenter stores any kind of Windows file, natively. Your Microsoft Word documents will open in Word, Excel spreadsheets in Excel. Plus you can save directly into FileCenter from nearly any program. It's the kind of tight integration other platforms covet.

Enjoy Scanning Built for Speed

One hallmark of FileCabinet CS is quick scanning into any location in your file cabinet. You will continue to enjoy the same kind of rapid scanning in FileCenter, but with some speed boosts like automatic file naming based on the document contents, automatic document separation, intelligent document routing, and more. You'll scan directly to a fully-searchable PDF, thanks to built-in OCR. FileCenter has grown entirely from user feedback – professionals like you who put paperless software through the paces. This kind of feedback has made FileCenter the ultimate FileCabinet CS alternative.

Retain the Annotation Support You Enjoyed in FileCabinet CS!

If you grew to rely on easy document annotating in FileCabinet CS, you'll love FileCenter. As a forms-driven practice, you rely heavily on PDFs. In FileCenter, you have a full-fledged PDF editor built right into the interface. This means you can add text comments, call-outs, highlights, arrow, stamps ... all of the annotations you're used to. But it doesn't stop there. FileCenter lets you combine PDFs with drag-and-drop simplicity, extract pages into their own document, convert to PDF in a mouseclick, and enjoy a built-in PDF printer.

Don't Get Locked Into a Database Again

Most electronic filing cabinet software you'll run across as a replacement for FileCabinet CS will store your files in a database. By now, hopefully you see the pitfall of that approach. A database, like FileCabinet CS used, essentially locks up your files and makes them inaccessible from the outside. And if you ever decide to replace your software, you're left trying to figure out how to extract all of your valuable client files from the database. FileCenter takes a different approach. It organizes your files in regular Windows folders, guaranteeing you perpetual access. The interface itself gives you a superior organizational layout, driven by clients. You will always have total access to your client data, inside of FileCenter or outside of it. Choose a FileCabinet CS replacement that guarantees you total access to your files!

Make the Cloud Optional

Many FileCabinet CS users feel like they're being pressured to move all of their sensitive client files to the Cloud, a move that many are reluctant to make, especially considering the confidential nature of their client data. Time has shown that Cloud-based solutions are slow, and if Internet connectivity fails, all access to your files fails with it. A far better solution: keep your client files on your own PC, and if you want Cloud access, synchronize your files with the Cloud through a service like One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. FileCenter works seamlessly in this scenario. Keep the Cloud optional. Keep your files local, and guarantee your access ... and control.

FileCenter: The Ideal FileCabinet CS Alternative and Replacement

Many former FileCabinet CS users are migrating to FileCenter. Why? They appreciate FileCenter's simple, intuitive layout and client-centric approach. And because most of these users come from paper-intensive offices, they enjoy FileCenter's easy scanning features which allow them to go from paper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouseclick, filing it away at the same time. Users also appreciate being able to store files from any program, like Excel spreadsheets, Word files, and even email. Get a FileCabinet CS alternative and replacement that meets professional needs with professional features! Download a free trial today.