10 Best PDF Document Management Software for Windows in 2024

10 Best PDF Document Management Software for Windows in 2024

Scanned PDF files are a huge data silo risk.

If you frequently scan documents for your business, you’ll alienate data because standard PDF files contain unsearchable images.

So with native PDF files, you run the risk of creating data silos that inevitably lead to security risks and productivity dips

In fact, Airtable has revealed that employees lose 12 hours weekly looking for information hidden in silos. Unsearchable file formats hugely contribute to this problem. 

Therefore, you need to leverage the best PDF document management software to break down these data silos.

They will allow you to turn scanned documents into PDF files with actual, searchable text. Additionally, you can automatically assign metadata and file tags to improve document visibility even further. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best PDF document management software for Windows in 2024 that will help your business make PDF files searchable and editable to boost your productivity. 

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Quick summary: 

1. FileCenter – Best for PDF merging and splitting. 

2. Egnyte – Best for creating fillable forms.

3. M-Files – Best for converting PDF files.

4. DynaFile – Best for HR PDF editing. 

5. LogicalDOC – Best for sharing PDF files.

Let’s get started. 

5 benefits of a PDF document management software

a) Universal compatibility

If your business runs on multiple operating systems, applications, and end-user devices, you’ll generate file formats that are not fully compatible with all your systems.

Nonetheless, by converting your files to PDF, you can preserve the graphical integrity and fidelity of your documents across different operating systems and hardware. 

b) Enhanced data security 

You can easily lose important documents to employee theft and highly advanced cyber attacks, which, in turn, can lead to continuity problems for your mid-sized business. 

However, you can password-protect PDF documents and redact confidential information with a great PDF document management software for Windows 10 to protect your data. 

c) Higher print quality 

Oftentimes, you’ll notice that standard PDF files have poor-quality images and formatting, resulting in print documents that are illegible and unprofessional. 

When you convert an image to PDF, you can resize it and perform image correction to fix formatting and other document issues to achieve higher print quality for your files.

d) Automated form creation 

If your enterprise has to create and fill business forms from scratch, you’ll waste a lot of time on manual processes and this distracts from revenue-driving tasks. 

By leveraging advanced PDF features like form generation, you can create fillable fields and auto-populate them with data from your underlying systems to save time. 

e) Lower storage burden

Naturally, your business’s data needs will grow as you handle more documents, and this will mean that your startup has to incur constantly rising data storage expenses. 

With a great PDF file management software for Windows 11, you can compress your documents to reduce their space requirements and lower your storage needs.

1. FileCenter

FileCenter has powerful PDF editing capabilities.

For example, you can use it to erase content from your PDF files. So you can easily take out sensitive content from business documents to protect the confidentiality of your customer’s data and your business’s transactions. 

FileCenter’s PDF splitter also enables you to separate PDFs into multiple files so that you can filter relevant content for easier processing. 

In addition, you can password encrypt files on your Windows PC so that only authorized users can access its content, thereby safeguarding your data. 

On the other hand, our software’s PDF merge functions allow you to combine multiple documents. I find that this makes it the best PDF document management software for Windows if you’d like to unite disparate data for easier processing.

Best features: 

  • You get powerful OCR to PDF scanning that allows you to convert physical paper directly into text-based PDF files so that you can make them easily searchable. 
  • FileCenter offers electronic PDF form generation that allows you to quickly create PDF files to match your business’s immediate needs more conveniently. 
  • It integrates with Microsoft Office so you can use the PDF editor interoperably with your Office apps to further elevate productivity for your mid-sized business. 


  • 15-day free trial. 
  • Starting plan: $5/user per month. 


FileCenter’s PDF merging and splitting functions empower your mid-sized business to perform faster file sharing, editing, and printing. On top of that, you get many advanced PDF features like password encryption which enables you to protect confidential files. 

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2. Egnyte

Egnyte offers you a web-based PDF editor.

Therefore, you can edit PDF files via your preferred browser, which saves you from having to install a dedicated document control and management software on your Windows 7 computer. 

In fact, you can also use Egnyte’s PDF annotation tools to add contextual feedback within files, and thereby enhance collaboration for your startup. 

By leveraging the print to PDF feature, you can virtually print documents and store them in electronic filing cabinets in Windows Explorer to improve access and organization. 

Notably, it has rich form controls that allow you to add text boxes to your PDF files. For this reason, I recommend it as a top-rated PDF document management solution if you’re keen on improving your data collection processes.

Best features: 

  • It has a huge breadth of annotation features, including freehand drawings and sticky notes, among others. This allows you to create highly interactive PDFs.
  • Engynte’s PDF viewer and printer renders high-fidelity PDF documents. This enables you to print very visually striking documents with great clarity. 
  • Its fill and sign features allow you to add stamps, signatures, and other approval marks to files, which enables you to execute your approval processes faster.  


  • 15-day free trial.
  • Starting plan: $20/user per month. 


With Egnyte, you can create rich text fields that help you get the right information from your clients with fewer data entry errors. However, since Egnyte’s PDF editor is an optional add-on, you’ll have to pay an additional license fee to get it.

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3. M-Files


M-Files has a simple yet versatile PDF manager. 

You can use it to enrich PDF files by adding customizable footers, document numbering, and other important document metadata that help you find and navigate files easily.

More importantly, M-File’s versatile PDF conversion functions allow you to effortlessly convert file formats to suit your business’s changing needs.

It also enables you to merge documents and simplify multi-file handling. 

What’s more, you can link QR codes to PDF documents so that you can edit files without reprinting the QR code, making it the best PDF document management software for Windows if you regularly print changing documents like restaurant menus.

Just like FileCenter, M-Files enables you to encrypt and protect files to prevent unauthorized access, sharing, and printing.

Best features: 

  • Its PDF-locking feature allows you to restrict access to a file to a single user at a time so that you can prevent editing conflicts and see who is working on a file. 
  • M-File’s QR code feature allows you to easily share rapidly changing business files so that you don’t have to bulk send new versions with each update.
  • With its PDF watermarking features, you can add copyright protection to your intelligent property and other essential documents for your business. 


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Contact M-Files for pricing. 


M-File’s robust PDF converter stands out for its high-speed file conversion that supports a huge variety of formats. However, I’ve noted it has a very low conversion file size limit for images, Visio documents, and e-mail messages.

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4. DynaFile

DynaFile is a PDF file management solution for HR. 

It offers barcode recognition technology that helps you to effortlessly route new documents using various automated document separators. With this feature, you don’t have to sort files manually. 

What’s more, DynaFile allows you to compress PDF documents into zip files so that you can decrease the document’s size without sacrificing quality. 

It also converts images in a PDF file to searchable text so that you can look up data using in-content phrases. This makes it easier for you to locate a PDF file and retrieve information quickly. 

Ultimately, I find that it’s a great PDF software for Windows because you can use its annotation features to accelerate your HR approval processes. 

Best features: 

  • DynaFile has a PDF rotator that your small business can use to fix PDF document issues such as wrong side up and other file orientation problems. 
  • You can use it to add page numbers and headers to pages of your PDF. This allows you to easily navigate lengthy documents and find information quickly.
  • With DynaFile’s PDF editor, you can combine pages and reorder pages using their thumbnails. All in all, this speeds up your document processing cycles.


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact DynaFile for pricing. 


DynaFile has PDF features that can help to make your HR processes paperless and more efficient. However, it has a very basic PDF editor that lacks advanced PDF editing features, making it an unideal solution if your startup works with complex documents. 

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5. LogicalDOC 

LogicalDOC offers enterprise PDF file management.

It enables you to manipulate PDF files and convert them to different formats so that they are compatible with your Windows programs. 

Due to LogicalDOC’s repository, you can share PDFs with staff in your organization to streamline collaboration within your workflow. 

Moreover, it lets you combine different images during scanning into one PDF file. This allows you to create a single document quickly from multiple files. 

Just like FileCenter, you can also share PDF documents effectively and securely via email links, which enables you to easily work with external collaborators as well.  

It allows you to create PDF forms from scratch using various design templates. Consequently, I find that this makes it one of the best PDF document management software to try in 2024 if you want to create engaging business documents.

Best features: 

  • It allows you to compare documents and versions so that you can trace who made changes to a PDF document and effectively track file statuses. 
  • LogicalDOC also enables you to split PDF files into smaller segments. This helps your mid-sized business to take out unwanted sections in your documents.
  • You can use its tickets feature to give your collaborators temporary access to PDF documents and automatically revoke access to maintain data security.


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Contact LogicalDOC for pricing. 


LogicalDOC’s PDF editing features like shareable links & temporary access make it a great document management software for secure collaboration. Nevertheless, it has a complex user interface that makes the learning curve steep. 

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6. DocuWare

DocuWare comes with an AI-driven PDF document editor. 

Via its intelligent indexing, you can avoid manual data entry when working on PDF documents to ensure more accurate and faster document indexing. This ultimately facilitates its full-text search feature which helps you retrieve information quickly. 

DocuWare also allows you to watermark PDF files via annotation so that your small business can prevent the unauthorized copy and use of your documents

Interestingly, you can import entire Windows folders directly into its file cabinets, so that you can protect and process large volumes of PDF documents very easily. 

By configuring DocuWare’s scanner image settings, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, and other visual parameters in PDF files. In turn, you can easily perform noise removal and image correction to create high-quality PDF documents. 

Best features: 

  • It connects with your mobile phone via a cloud system, which gives your enterprise’s staff the ability to view up-to-date PDF files on the go. 
  • DocuWare’s deletion workflows allow you to automatically remove PDF documents after pre-set durations to help you comply with data protection laws.
  • You can electronically sign PDF documents via its e-signature feature, which helps you speed up contract processing cycles for your business.


  • 30-day free trial. 
  • Contact DocuWare for pricing. 


DocuWare’s comprehensive scanner settings make it a great PDF app for Windows 7 when you want to clean PDFs. However, sometimes, if you use this feature on very complex PDF documents, this can cause blurring around the edges of your file. 

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7.  Square 9 

Square 9 makes PDF data extraction very simple.

Its KeyFree indexing feature enables you to automatically extract data from unstructured documents and populate them into data fields in a PDF form. Therefore, you can increase your business’s productivity by reducing manual data entry tasks.

Notably, you can use its PDF document scaling feature to resize content to fit a printing page to improve your document’s print quality.

You can even set alters that notify you when changes are made to your PDF files.

Just like FileCenter, you’ll enjoy other PDF conversion software benefits by creating e-forms and automatically converting them to PDFs after your recipient has filled in data This makes it a top Word to PDF converter for Windows to lower your iterative work. 

Best features: 

  • Its image cleanup node allows you to improve the accuracy of OCR results and the quality of the resulting PDF files when you’re working with dusty paper.  
  • Square 9 also enables you to add comments and markups to your PDF files. In turn, you can guide follow-up actions when you’re collaborating with others.
  • It integrates with Microsoft Office 365, which allows you to edit PDFs directly in Word, thereby creating a simple user interface that you can quickly master. 


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact Square 9 for pricing.


Square 9 has powerful PDF editing features that enable your business to work with complex documents. However, I’ve noticed that some of these features require SQL scripting, so you may need to learn database language skills. 

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8. PairSoft

PairSoft is an accounting PDF file management software. 

It allows you to convert financial documents into secure PDF files that unauthorized parties can’t alter. Then, you can use it to edit your PDF files in case you need to make last-minute changes resulting from incoming financial transactions.

Essentially, PairSoft offers a PDF blackout feature that lets you hide and protect confidential information in your business’s financial statements. 

With its despeckle feature, you can even eliminate noise from PDF files so that you can improve the visual appearance and readability of your scanned PDF documents. 

It also allows you to delete individual pages in PDFs so that you can remove redundant sections from files. Therefore, I find it to be a must-try PDF document management software for Windows if you’d like to speed up your file processing times.

Best features: 

  • You can use the PairSoft image toolbar to add striking visual aids like charts and graphs to your PDF documents to illustrate concepts more memorably. 
  • PairSoft’s PDF editor also has a read-out loud feature that enables you to accommodate document collaborators who have visual impairments. 
  • It also allows you to extract data from scanned PDF files like your invoices and compare this against your database to further expedite invoice reviews.


  • No free trial.
  • Contact PairSoft for pricing. 


PairSoft offers you accounting-focused PDF features that will streamline your accounting processes. However, I find the lack of a free trial very concerning as you can’t try out the software before you make an investment decision. 

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9. DocStar

DocStar delivers cross-platform PDF file management. 

It provides a web-based PDF software that allows you to view and edit PDF files across multiple platforms, including your Windows PC, tablet, and smartphone. 

With its smart text extraction capabilities, you can filter sections from documents you’ve scanned and create highly concise files that meet your immediate needs. 

In addition, you can convert various file types and extensions into PDFs with its export-to-PDF feature. This enables your mid-sized business to work with all sorts of end-user software and hardware. 

Moreover, it’s one of the most popular PDF document management software as it enables you to create reusable PDF templates to speed up the drafting of common business documents.

DocStar also comes with critical PDF editor features like cloud storage integration which allows you to back up your documents in the cloud. 

Best features: 

  • You can set up automated PDF document retention rules that automatically discard files after a set duration so you can maintain regulatory compliance.
  • It delivers in-depth PDF document analytics that help you improve two and three-way matching to streamline your enterprise’s accounting processes.
  • DocStar integrates with ERPs to enable you to create PDFs with real-time data about your business process so that you can detect workflow problems faster. 


  • No free trial. 
  • Contact DocStar for pricing. 


DocStar’s web-based PDF editor allows you to work with PDF files on Windows and even on mobile. However, I’ve noticed that since it’s an online solution, you’ll have limited functionalities when you’re using its offline version. 

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10. FileHold

FileHold enables multilingual PDF file handling.

You can leverage its advanced OCR PDF editing language pack to translate PDF documents and break down language barriers. 

Better yet, FileHold allows you to create document shortcuts within your PDF files so that you can centralize information and boost your efficiency. 

It also enables you to edit shared PDF files offline on your Windows PC and then sync these changes when you’re back online. This way, you can work without an active internet connection and still preserve your progress.

By leveraging its PDF extender plug-in, you can even automate in-file calculations. 

You can also embed video files into PDFs and Word documents with its rich media toolkit. In turn, you can enhance the visual appeal of your files.

Best features: 

  • You can rebrand FileHold’s PDF editor to match your brand’s color schemes and logos. This customization allows you to further elevate brand recognition. 
  • FileHold’s PDF editor also enables you to append pages into a PDF file, in case you come across new information that you’d like to add to a particular section.
  • With the reorder feature, you can rearrange pages in a PDF file, which comes in handy when you want to organize your content by certain priorities and metrics


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Contact FileHold for pricing. 


In a nutshell, I find FileHold to be an excellent choice if you’re working with PDFs in different languages. However, its language packs are extremely limited because they natively accommodate just three languages, namely French, English, and Spanish. 

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Your business’s intellectual property is gravely at risk. 

When your documents are easy to access and manipulate, employees and hackers can leak or even outrightly steal your intellectual property. 

So without a proper PDF document management software, your business will lose trade secrets and its competitive advantage. 

Unfortunately, companies lose a staggering $250 billion annually to the theft of digital information, according to a Deloitte report. This underlines the need to strengthen your document protection measures.

By leveraging the best PDF document management software for Windows in 2024, you can password-protect files and redact information to secure your intellectual property.

Ultimately, I recommend FileCenter due to its rich variety of PDF editing features.

Click here to start your free FileCenter trial to secure your business’s digital data and safeguard trade secrets.

With our software, your business will also be able to create high-quality PDF documents that streamline collaboration and improve your workflow’s productivity.  

Why you should consider FileCenter for your PDF document management needs


a) Simple thumbnailing and preview

With FileCenter, you get a very convenient thumbnailing feature. This allows you to view a summary of the document without actually having to open the file, thus saving you time and making you more productive. 

What’s more, you can use our software’s file preview feature to quickly view snippets of documents, which becomes very useful when you’re working with a large batch of PDF files that you want to process quickly. 

b) Huge breadth of features 

From digital signatures to form generation, your business gets one of the best PDF document management software for Windows in 2024 with all the features you need in one software. So you don’t have to use multiple apps to manage PDFs. 

Crucially, you can leverage accurate OCR technology and other advanced PDF features to automate your manual PDF management processes. As a result, your enterprise’s processes become even more efficient.  

c) Custom PDF stamps 

FileCenter gives you the power to add stamps to documents to showcase their statuses. As a result, this can help your team process files faster primarily by improving and shortening your document approval cycles. 

In fact, you can even create dynamic PDF stamps for your mid-sized business with our comprehensive PDF app for Windows. It lets you import custom stamps and logos so that you can add your brand’s identity to documents.

If you’d like to hit the ground running, request your free FileCenter demo now so you can master essential PDF features that’ll help you improve business processes quickly.