How Can Bulk OCR & PDF Conversion Software Help You?

Jessica Converts Invoices

Jessica's home business deals with dozens of invoices a day. She loves FileCenter for scanning & organizing invoices, but she doesn't have time to wait for text recognition (OCR). Instead, Jessica has FileCenter Automate run OCR on her new scans every night to make the invoices searchable.

Aspen Has Old Archived Scans

Aspen's staff have been scanning documents for 15 years, piling up countless scans. Frustrated that these TIFF files aren't searchable, they turned to FileCenter Automate. FileCenter Automate left the irreplaceable originals untouched by creating searchable PDF copies of every file in a new folder tree that is identical to the original one.

Theo Burns Through Scanners

Theo handles complex litigation. He used to need three staff just to handle the scanning. Now he uses one staff person, a high-speed network scanner, and FileCenter Automate. FileCenter Automate automatically separates stacks of documents into separate files, makes them searchable, and deposits them on the network. Now Theo easily finds needles in the digital haystack.

LPR Scans & Routes Their Mail

Ted used to be in charge of sorting LPR's daily mail and delivering it around the office. Now he uses FileCenter Automate's cover-page separators for each of the office's staff members. He puts staff separators on the mail and scans the entire stack in one shot. FileCenter Automate does the rest, separating each piece of mail and automatically delivering it to the right person.