Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

Enable File Passwords, Encryption, and Shredding

FileCenter can't lock or password-protect files because we don't store them in a database. We use regular Windows folders. Hence, we rely on Windows' own file security settings.

With that said, FileCenter Professional does integrate with a top-of-the-line third party application called AxCrypt which can encrypt and password-protect individual files. And it's free. Here's how to get it working:

  1. Go to and download AxCrypt
  2. When you install, it might offer to install other software; decline
  3. After you've installed, restart FileCenter if it was running

Now to password-protect a file in FileCenter, do this:

  1. Select the file(s)
  2. Click the "Files" button (right above the list of files)
  3. Select "Ecrypt/Decrypt" > "Encrypt"
  4. Enter a password

That's it. No-one can open the file without the password. But to caution you, that also means you can't open the file without the password. If you forget the password, there aren't any password recovery programs to help you (that's the whole point of encrypting, right?).

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