Last Reviewed:  February 23, 2023

Dynamic Stamps

Installing Dynamic Stamps

A dynamic stamp is just a stamp contained in a PDF file. In order to use dynamic stamps with FileCenter, you must place your dynamic stamp file into our default stamp folder. The easiest way to open this folder is from the FileCenter Settings button > Miscellaneous and click Open Custom Stamps Folder.

IMPORTANT: You cannot import custom stamps from the stamps pallette like you would other stamps. If you do, the stamps will lose their dynamic information. To import dynamic stamps, you have to put them in the Custom Stamps folder. They'll still end up in the stamps pallette, and they'll retain all of their dynamic information.

The link below contains an example of a dynamic stamp, but you can also search the web for more examples or create your own.

Dynamic Stamps »

Dynamic Elements

A couple of things to know about the information that these dynamic stamps will display:

You need to set your name preferences in FileCenter, NOT Acrobat. We don't use Acrobat's settings:

  1. Go to the Edit tab in FileCenter
  2. Go to the PDF editor's Edit menu > Preferences
  3. Select Identity on the left

There are two values here that matter for stamps:

Login Name – This is your Windows login name. You can't change it. The stamp will use this if the Name (below) is blank.

Name – Whatever you want to put, name or initials. The stamp will try to use this name first. If it's blank, it will failsafe back to the Login Name.

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