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What do you need in a PaperPort alternative or PaperPort replacement?

In This Article:

  • A PaperPort replacement must handle scanning at least as well as PaperPort
  • To be an alternative to PaperPort, the program must handle all common PDF tasks, like conversion, stacking, editing & annotation
  • PaperPort stores files in regular Windows folders, a wise choice for most small offices; to replace PaperPort, a program should do the same
  • As a bonus, a good PaperPort alternative might provide additional features to facilitate your daily workflow
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PaperPort Alternative and Replacement Overview

There's a growing wave of users looking for a PaperPort alternative or a PaperPort replacement. In recent years, PaperPort has gone stagnant, failing to keep up with new versions of Windows and failing to grow in features, leading to frustrated PaperPort users wanting to replace PaperPort. But is there a viable PaperPort alternative? Absolutely. And the alternative is FileCenter.

This article will discuss the key considerations when replacing PaperPort and show you why we recommend FileCenter.

Replacing PaperPort Scanning

One of PaperPort's strongest features is scanning. Any paperless scanning software you choose as a replacement for PaperPort must not only take scanning into consideration, but replace PaperPort's scanning in both speed and ease of use. FileCenter document scanning software, our recommended PaperPort replacement, features rapid in-place scanning, where you can scan straight to file, effectively scanning and filing a document in one action. For a more hands-on approach, you can also scan into an editor and touch up the image. And because scanned documents should be searchable, FileCenter can automatically scan directly to searchable PDF.

Providing an Alternative to PaperPort's PDF Tools

Many PaperPort users will say that the one feature they won't live without is PaperPort's PDF stacking. Granted, this is a hard feature to come by. The one alternative that we're aware of is FileCenter, which provides an equivalent drag-and-drop feature for stacking PDFs, and even ups the ante by allowing you to combine multiple PDFs at once and choose the document order.

FileCenter provides alternatives for PaperPort's other PDF features as well, including a full PDF editor with annotation tools, the ability to convert most files to PDF with just a button-click, and handy tools for splitting, unstacking, and merging PDF files.

A PaperPort Replacement that Improves File Storage

A lot of user complaints stem from trying to share PaperPort files on the network. Some also complain about the way PaperPort proliferates hidden files in every folder. So an alternative doesn't just need to replace PaperPort's file storage, it needs to improve on in.

Here FileCenter document management software shines as a PaperPort replacement. Like PaperPort, it stores files in standard Windows folders, which is the right choice for most small offices. As such, FileCenter can seamlessly display your existing PaperPort folders. But the similarities end there. FileCenter provides a solid, stable experience, even when sharing files on the network or using a Cloud service like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. FileCenter also improves on the way files are presented, showing your files in a file cabinet layout which users rave about.

More Features than PaperPort

PaperPort has earned a loyal following by providing features that address many of the pain-points in working with files. So to truly replace PaperPort and make the change pallatable, a replacement must also put its whole focus on simplifying the way you scan and work with files on a daily basis.

FileCenter evolved exclusively from user feedback, its features formed from the typical daily work that a file-intensive office deals with. This has led to many features not found in PaperPort, like intelligent, standardized file naming, pre-defined folder layouts, the ability to email Office files as PDFs, an Inbox for bringing in files from network scanners or fax machines, and a bevvy of other features.

Recommended PaperPort Alternative

User reviews and forum discussions say it all: FileCenter is not only a viable PaperPort alternative, it can replace PaperPort feature-for-feature, and go on to smooth out many other speed bumps in your daily workflow. Compare FileCenter and PaperPort feature-for-feature. Then download a free trial and see for yourself how FileCenter stacks up.