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  • Pick paperless file organization software that provides rapid file access through a well-structured layout
  • Ensure your file organization software is compatible with all of the other software you use in your paperless office
  • Favor a paperless file organization solution that stores files in regular Windows folders
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Paperless File Organization Software Overview

You've decided it's time to implement a paperless office. That means your electronic files will start multiplying quickly. How will you organize your files? How will you ensure you can retrieve them? Is there a best all-around file organization option for most offices?

We'll take the guesswork out of picking by walking you through some key considerations, then show you why we recommend FileCenter, the low-cost leader in paperless file organization software.

Layout is Key

Most of the paperless file organization software offerings you'll run across require you to "tag" your files with keywords. File retrieval then requires you to search for your document by keyword. This can work adequately if you remember the right keywords. However, it requires numerous mouseclicks and typing just to pull up a file.

Better, more efficient paperless file organization software uses an organization method that everyone's already familiar with: the filing cabinet. This system, refined over decades of use, lets you quickly jump straight to the file you're looking for. Carried over to the computer, it becomes even faster and more efficient. In just a couple of mouse clicks, you can easily drill down to exactly the file you're looking for.

FileCenter employs an electronic filing cabinet layout, making it one of the most efficient paperless file organization software offerings available. With cabinets, drawers, and folders, you can navigate to documents much faster than using a search. But suppose the document isn't where you expect it? That's ok. FileCenter also provides a powerful keyword search engine, giving you the best of both worlds.

When it Comes to Paperless File Organization Software, Compatibility Matters

When looking at file organization for the paperless office, many forget to consider compatibility with other programs. To make effective use of your files, you have to be able to get them into the file organization system with the fewest steps necessary, and you have to be able to open the files in their native programs so you can continue working on them in the future.

A lot of the paperless file organization software you'll find have limited integration options. For example, some require you to "print" all of your files into the system. At that point, the files are frozen, meaning you can't continue changing them and working on them. Other systems integrate with a few select software packages, like Microsoft Office, but ignore the less common ones. FileCenter, on the other hand, ties into the Save/Open dialogs that all programs use, making it possible to easily save files into the system and open files from the system, regardless of what program you're using. Make sure that the features of the system you pick will match your needs.

Where Will Your Files Go?

Almost every paperless file organization software package available will put your files in a database. But is this a good idea? Software makers prefer a database because it lets them offer you features like password security on a per-document basis. But beware the repurcussions: you won't be able to use your favorite Cloud service, like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You'll lose the ability to right-click on files like you do in Windows. And if you rely heavily on other software packages, odds are they won't be compatible, since the files are locked away in a database. And if you should ever decide to change to a different paperless file organization solution, just hope that you can get your data exported from the old one.

Our strong recommendation is that you pick paperless file organization software that stores your files in regular Windows folders. This will ensure that you'll always have access to your files, from any program, even if you later abandon that file organization software. You will be able to use your favorite backup software, and you can enjoy remote access to your files through DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Why We Recommend FileCenter

FileCenter is paperless file organization software that will help you organize any kind of file, anywhere on your computer or network. It ensures compatibility with your other programs, while giving you an improved file cabinet interface. Along with integrated scanning and PDF management, search capabilities, and a layout that's easy and comfortable, even for beginners, FileCenter paperless file organization software will simplify the way you work and help you achieve paperless efficiency. Download a free trial today!