Need to stack PDF files? Try FileCenter!

To stack PDF files, you need software that's simple and obvious. That's why we designed FileCenter for the layperson. FileCenter lets you stack through simple drag-and-drop. Advanced options give you even more control. FileCenter will simplify the way you work with PDF files, whether you need to scan, edit, or stack PDF files. Discover how FileCenter can simplify the way you work.

How Do You Stack PDF Files?

To stack PDF files means combining multiple PDF files into a single file. You can combine them into a new file, or attach multiple PDF files to an existing file. When you stack PDF files, you can also insert one PDF file into another. The right paperless PDF software makes this as easy as possible.

Why Should You Stack PDF Files?

The most common reason to stack PDF files is to join scans together. Some documents are so big, you have to scan them in pieces and then stack the files. Sometimes you need to add new pages to an existing PDF file. For example, patient records, invoices, and shipping records often come in piecemeal. You can join PDF files to build the PDF record as new pages arrive.

Discover How Easy FileCenter Is

With some things, seeing is believing. So click on the video to the left and watch why thousands of users are turning to FileCenter. Then take FileCenter for a spin with a FREE TRIAL. FileCenter helps offices in every profession and industry accomplish more while saving time and money.