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What paperless office software is right for you?

In This Article:

  • Pick paperless software that facilitates rapid scanning
  • Ensure your paperless office software package is compatible with all of the other software you use
  • Favor a paperless solution that stores files in regular Windows folders
  • Choose paperless PDF software that can meet the daily demands of working with PDFs
  • Evaluate your daily tasks and make sure the software has paperless features that address each task
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Paperless Office Software Overview

You've decided to attempt a paperless office. That means you need paperless office software. What factors do you need to consider in making that choice? What specific features should you be looking for? Is there a best all-around option for most offices? Absolutely, and that option is FileCenter, the low-cost leader in paperless office software.

In this article, we'll take the guesswork out of your decision by walking you through key features and key considerations to keep in mind as you shop and show you why we recommend FileCenter.

Scanning with Paperless Office Software

With the cost of paper, it's no wonder people like you are looking for paperless solutions (see how much you can save with our Paperless Savings Calculator). But to reap those benefits, you need to embrace scanning.

The daunting idea of scanning box after box of archived files stops many companies from even attempting to implement paperless document management software. Don't fall into that trap. Start with the attitude that you'll digitize your paper going forward. A fast TWAIN-compliant desktop scanner and the right paperless office software will not only make that easy, it will turn scanning into a natural part of your daily workflow. The right paperless software option will integrate scanning tightly into the file organization interface, so you can drop new scans right where they belong. Your paperless office software should automatically handle the task of turning the scan into a searchable PDF. That means on-the-fly, transparent PDF conversion and OCR built right in.

When it Comes to Paperless Office Software, Compatibility Matters

When choosing your paperless software, don't forget about compatibility. Your paperless software isn't the only software you use! So ensure that whatever software package you choose is fully compatible with all of your programs. Which leads us to the next point ...

Where Will Your Files Go?

Most paperless office software offerings will put your files in a database. Beware the repurcussions: you can't use your favorite Cloud drives, like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You'll lose the ability to right-click on files and choose actions from the pop-up menu, like you can do in Windows. And is there a lesser-known piece of software you rely on heavily? Don't count on being able to open files with it, since the files are stuck in a database. And if you ever decide to switch to a different paperless solution, just hope that you can get your data exported from the old one.

Instead, we strongly recommend choosing paperless office software that stores your files in regular Windows folders. This ensures that you'll always have access to them, from any program, even if you later abandon that paperless software package. You'll be able to use your favorite backup software, and you can enjoy remote access to your files through DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Combine, Split, Manipulate, Annotate, and Secure PDF Files

If you need to combine PDF files or split a PDF into multiple files, FileCenter paperless office software will make it easy. In fact, our PDF software will also help you append new pages to an existing PDF or even move pages between PDF files.

When it comes to marking, highlighting, commenting, or putting stamps on PDF files, FileCenter will help you do it without extra programs. Just open the PDF right in FileCenter and add any annotations you need.

Sometimes you need to secure a sensitive PDF against alterations or the wrong eyes. FileCenter PDF software lets you password-protect and encrypt your PDF files. Or use it to add digital signatures. Make sure that the software you choose has the features you need to perform your PDF-related tasks.

Additional Paperless Office Software Features to Consider

Good paperless office software will give you easy ways to handle all of your file-related tasks, like file preview, intelligent file naming, standardized folder layouts, built-in search, etc. Evaluate your daily file-related tasks and make sure that whatever paperless software solution you choose has features to meet your daily demands.

Why We Recommend FileCenter

FileCenter is paperless office software that will help you organize any kind of file, anywhere on your computer or network, into standard Windows folders to ensure complete compatibility with your other programs, while giving you an improved file cabinet interface. Featuring clean, seamless integration with all of your most-used Windows programs, integrated scanning and PDF management, search capabilities, and a layout that's easy and comfortable, even for beginners, FileCenter paperless office software will open new horizons and simplify the way you work. Download a free trial today!