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Fax Services

We have partnered with FaxPipe to bring seamless faxing to FileCenter.

Say Hello to Fax

Did you know that fax usage is now growing each year? And there is a simple reason why: security. Faxes are not prone to viruses or insecure communication lines. For example, did you know that most email messages travel the Internet unencrypted? This means anyone with the know-how can intercept those confidential files you're emailing.

Faxed documents, on the other hand, go directly to a single phone number. No viruses, no prying eyes, no getting blocked by spam filters. This is why countless agencies and service providers continue to allow – or even prefer – faxed documents.

FileCenter + FaxPipe: The Perfect Partnership

At FileCenter, we have now made it so you can send faxes without a dedicated fax machine or a separate phone line. We partnered with FaxPipe, a leading provider of digital faxing. With FileCenter and a FaxPipe account, you'll be sending faxes directly from FileCenter with just a couple of mouse clicks.

We specifically chose FaxPipe after careful research. We found FaxPipe to have the perfect combination of affordability, reliability, and most importantly, security. FaxPipe is fully HIPAA compliant. Even if you already use a fax service, we strongly recommend switching to FaxPipe.

Special offer: Get two months of free faxing when you sign up for a new FaxPipe account using the Sign Up button on this page. See the FaxPipe account sign-up page for details.

FileCenter Fax

How to Send Faxes in FileCenter

Step 1: If you don't already have a FaxPipe account, click the Sign Up button on this page to create a new FaxPipe account.

Step 2: Make sure you are running FileCenter version 11.0.32 or later.

Step 3: In FileCenter, click the Fax button on the main toolbar and then enter the Account ID and License Key that FaxPipe will email you after signing up.

Step 4: To start faxing from FileCenter, select a file then click the Fax button. It's that easy!