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As the importance of PDFs expands, you need a PDF editor that's simple to understand and designed to streamline your workflow. FileCenter helps you make and manipulate PDF files with just a mouse click. Combine PDFs with drag-and-drop simplicity. Annotate and sign PDFs effortlessly. And convert other files to PDF so easily, it's almost an afterthought. FileCenter's PDF editor will improve how you work with PDFs, whether you are scanning, editing, or sharing.

All About PDF Editors

A PDF editor helps you create and edit PDF files. A PDF file is an exact image of the original file, whether that was a scan, an Office document, or a web page. Think of it as a way of taking permanent snapshots of files or information, snapshots that you can still access years down the road, making PDF the format of choice for archival. Good PDF editors will let you not just create PDF files, but also manipulate them in important ways. For example, combining multiple PDFs, or splitting apart a PDF into separate files. You can insert new pages, delete pages, or move pages around. A better PDF editor will even let you move a page between files. Also important is the ability to annotate PDF files, which means adding comments or stamps, and adding a digital signature and password to a PDF, which ensures that it hasn't been altered. The right paperless PDF software will have a built-in PDF editor so PDF tools are always at your fingertips.

Why Do You Need a PDF Editor?

PDF is quickly becoming the standard format for sharing and archiving files, making a PDF editor critical. In most cases, a PDF file is honored as an original for purposes of document retention, meaning that you can scan your paper documents to PDF and meet document retention requirements without keeping the paper version. Many government agencies are now requiring all electronic submissions in PDF format. And for sharing documents, nothing is easier than passing a PDF back and forth, especially since it supports passwords. A good PDF editor can make all the difference in how you make and use PDFs

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