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Need to convert to PDF? Try FileCenter!

Looking for a simple way to convert to PDF? Then look no further than FileCenter. FileCenter is specifically designed for home and professional users, making it quick and simple to convert to PDF. With one-click simplicity, you'll convert almost any file to a fully searchable PDF. FileCenter is an all-in-one solution for file management, scanning, and document conversion, designed to make any user organized and productive.

Looking for a HIGH VOLUME or SERVER-BASED solution? Come see FileCenter Automate, the hands-free tool for your bulk OCR and PDF conversion needs.   Learn More »

Convert to PDF in Bulk

If you deal with high volumes, consider FileCenter Automate instead. Use FileCenter Automate PDF OCR software to convert to PDF automatically. FileCenter Automate is designed for high-volume, batch conversions. For example, FileCenter Automate can search through your existing folders and convert the files you specify to PDF in bulk. Or it can watch a specific folder and automatically convert new files into fully searchable PDF files with OCR text. Whether you're in the process of implementing paperless PDF software or just trying to update old files, it's time to discover FileCenter Automate, one of the most robust ways you'll find to convert to PDF.

About Converting to PDF

PDF has grown in popularity to the point that it has become the standard for archiving files. As a result, it's more important than ever to find quality software to convert to PDF for you. Why? PDF is a universally-accepted format specifically designed for file archival. Years down the road, you will still be able to open your PDF files. Additionally, PDF is a searchable format, meaning that you can actually search the content, even if it is a scanned document. To make this possible, FileCenter automatically includes OCR, or Optical Character Recognition. When you convert to PDF, it will gives you a PDF file that looks just like the original, but is fully searchable.

Is It Necessary to Convert to PDF?

You should convert to PDF anytime you are archiving documents. An electronic copy of a file carries the same weight as the original to government agencies, not to mention that it fulfills document retention requirements without having to store paper documents. Also, many government offices have standardized on PDF, and some even require PDF files for all electronic submissions. You should consider it necessary to convert to PDF in many cases, and to do it, you need fast, reliable software.

Discover How Easy FileCenter Is

With some things, seeing is believing. So click on the video to the left and watch why thousands of users are turning to FileCenter. Then take FileCenter for a spin with a FREE TRIAL. FileCenter helps offices in every profession and industry accomplish more while saving time and money.