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What to look for in a DocuXplorer alternative or DocuXplorer replacement

In This Article:

  • Your DocuXplorer replacement should make document scanning a priority
  • A paperless office needs a full range of PDF tools
  • Consider freeing your DocuXplorer files from a database for once and for all
  • Your DocuXplorer alternative should still provide a user-friendly interface
  • Replace DocuXplorer with a solution that's fully compatible with all of your Windows programs
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DocuXplorer Alternative and Replacement Overview

Looking for a DocuXplorer alternative? Then you've already set your sights on paperless office, which is good. Now you need a software package that hits all of the pain points. In this article, we'll walk you through the key considerations and why we feel our top pick, FileCenter, makes the perfect DocuXplorer replacement.

Replace DocuXplorer's Scanning

Right off the bat, let's assert that document scanning is a key feature of any document management software like DocuXplorer. And in most of those solutions, it's an afterthought ... at best. Yet no single task eats up office efficiency faster than scanning paper files.

FileCenter document scanning software, which is our recommended DocuXplorer replacement, puts scanning at the forefront, smoothing out this potential speed bump through a series of thoughtful automations. At the simplest level, users can scan directly into the filing structure, effectively scanning and filing in one action. From there things get more powerful. Where appearance matters, users can scan straight to PDF in a PDF editor where there are touch-up tools to clean the image. And for high-volume needs, FileCenter provides things like automatic document separation, automatic naming, and automatic routing. And because any document should be searchable, including scans, FileCenter includes OCR as a transparent part of the process.

Enjoy More PDF Tools

PDF is now the standard for document archival. Further, scanned PDFs fulfill document retention requirements. And most government offices now require any electronic documents you submit to be in PDF format. So as long as you're deciding on a DocuXplorer replacement, take into consideration that creating, manipulating, and editing PDFs should be an integral part of whatever solution you choose. In this sense, you will not only replace DocuXplorer, you can potentially improve your workflow.

FileCenter has chosen to do just that – tightly integrate PDF creation, manipulation, and editing. For example, one of FileCenter's most convenient PDF features is PDF stacking – the ability to combine PDFs just by dropping one PDF on top of another one. FileCenter goes a step further and provides a full PDF editor right in the interface, giving you the ability to annotate and secure your PDFs without having to export them into an external program. Additionally, you'll be able to convert most files to PDF with just a button-click, and you'll enjoy handy tools for splitting, unstacking, and merging PDF files.

An Improvement over DocuXplorer's File Storage

DocuXplorer takes the same approach as most document management systems – it stores your files in a database. True, this method has a positive side, the most obvious advantage being file security. The database allows you to restrict document access on a file-by-file basis.

On the other hand, a database brings a number of drawbacks, most of which we never tend to discuss. So as long as you're about to embark on a large-scale export to get your files out of DocuXplorer's database, let's help you decide if you want to turn around and lock them in a different database.

First, while a database can provide additional document security, it has the unfortunate side-effect of blocking other programs from reaching your files. Why does this matter? Consider this: the only way another program can save a file into the system is if the database provides an integration into that program. The same applies to opening files. If you have a favorite program that doesn't have an integration, you're out of luck. One easy example is Cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. These require your files to be in regular Windows folders. So you can't use any of these services if your DocuXplorer replacement uses a database.

Is there an alternative? So many document management packages rely on a database that it doesn't seem like it, but another option does exist. And honestly, for offices that don't require ultra-high levels of document security, it makes much more sense: just store your files in standard Windows folders. The Windows file system is more robust than any database and it provides ample security options. You will have unfettered access to your files and the ability to use any program you want.

In this scenario, FileCenter shines as a DocuXplorer alternative. FileCenter overlays native Windows folders to give you a superior file organization scheme while leveraging everything good about the Windows file system. You'll see your files in an electronic file cabinet layout – an intuitive design that uses cabinets, drawers, and folders. Better, FileCenter can tie into the save and open functions of almost any Windows program so you can save and open files using its interface. It also provides easy file sharing on the network and fully supports using your own Cloud service, like DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Our Recommended DocuXplorer Alternative

FileCenter grew from a need for small offices to have a simple yet robust document management system. Its features arose from analyzing the tasks that file-intensive offices deal with on a daily basis. The result is a system geared specifically towards office efficiency with features like standardized file naming, pre-defined folder layouts, the ability to email Office files as PDFs, and an Inbox for bringing in files from network scanners or fax machines, just to name a few. Not only is FileCenter a viable DocuXplorer alternative, it can smooth out many speed bumps in your daily workflow. Download a free trial today.