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Need to scan to WordPerfect? Try FileCenter!

FileCenter, our scanning and OCR software, features a mode that lets you scan to WordPerfect – go straight from paper to editable text with just a mouse click. You don't have time to waste with extra steps and extra programs. Try FileCenter and discover how simple it can be to scan to WordPerfect directly.

Scan to WordPerfect – An Overview

Normally, a scanned document is simply a picture of the original. Even though you can see words on the scanned page, your computer doesn't. That's why you need special software to scan to WordPerfect. The right software, typically paperless scanning software, can identify the words in the scan and send them to WordPerfect so you can use the text. Usually this takes two steps: scanning, and text recognition. But FileCenter lets you scan to WordPerfect directly, giving you the text you need without messing with extra steps.

Why Scan to WordPerfect?

Normally if you want the text from a document, you scan it, save it, open the scan in OCR software, extract the text, copy it, and paste it in WordPerfect. Think of how much time you can save if you scan to WordPerfect directly. When you scan to WordPerfect, you go straight from the scanner to text.

Discover How Easy FileCenter Is

With some things, seeing is believing. So click on the video to the left and watch why thousands of users are turning to FileCenter. Then take FileCenter for a spin with a FREE TRIAL. FileCenter helps offices in every profession and industry accomplish more while saving time and money.