PaperMaster Export Tool – FREE

We developed a PaperMaster Export Tool to help users get their files out of PaperMaster. The PaperMaster Export Tool accomplishes three things:

  • It re-creates your cabinet structure using regular Windows folders. This includes drawers and sub-folders.
  • It copies all of the files into the new cabinet structure, preserving the original names and locations.
  • It optionally tries to convert the proprietary EFX files to regular PDF files.

Download the PaperMaster Export Tool

The free FileCenter 15-day trial includes the PaperMaster Export Tool. This is the easiest way to get up and running again with a new, better filing system.

Download the FileCenter Trial »

Once you've downloaded the FileCenter trial and installed it, follow these instructions to run the PaperMaster Export.

FileCenter: The Ultimate PaperMaster Replacement

FileCenter is a cabinet-based file management program like PaperMaster, but doesn't lock in your files and has many more features.

The PaperMaster Export Tool is included in FileCenter. Migrate your PaperMaster cabinets directly into FileCenter and be up and working again as quickly as possible.