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What is the best Fujitsu scanner software for documents?

In This Article:

  • Why should you go with Pro scan software for your Fujitsu scanner?
  • Can different Fujitsu scanning software make you more efficient? Facilitate bulk scanning?
  • Will the scanner software you choose give you a searchable file?
  • Beware of where your scan software is saving your files!
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Fujitsu Scanner Software Overview

You take document scanning seriously, so you know that you need capable Fujitsu scanner software. What Pro features should you look for in scanning software? Which options will give you the best results and the best productivity gains? Is there a best all-around choice? Absolutely. And it's FileCenter, the low-cost leader in scanning software.

We'll take you through the key features you should be looking for when comparing Fujitsu scanner software options, and we'll show you why FileCenter is our top pick.

Why Should You Go with Pro Scan Software for Your Fujitsu Scanner?

Fujitsus are possibly the fastest, most reliable scanners out there. But to really get the most out of these scanners, it's highly recommended that you upgrade to professional paperless scanning software that's specifically designed for document scanning. Why? Because document scanning is redundant by nature. It has a tendency to burden you with a lot of unnecessary interaction: launching jobs, feeding in new pages, trying to merge multiple scans into a single file, replacing poorly-scanned pages, etc. The right software anticipates the needs of a paper-intensive office and provides specific features to meet those needs. Which leads to the next consideration ...

Can Different Fujitsu Scanning Software Make You More Efficient? Facilitate Bulk Scanning?

Document scanning – particularly bulk scanning – has always been slow and tedious. But with the speed and reliability of the current-generation Fujitsu scanners, this doesn't have to be true any more. Fujitsu scanners have advanced to the point that they're incredibly fast, the better ones able to scan pages faster than you can feed them. So where's the speed bump now? It's in the scanning software rather than the hardware. Too much interaction with the interface, too many mouse clicks, and too much unnecessary effort to get the scan set up and started are the things that are going to slow down scanning for you. Even after the scan is done, you will often be left with a list of scanned files that need to be named and stored away. And it's not uncommon to do a large document that can't be scanned in just one pass. You're then left trying to figure out how to combine a lot of files together into a single, unified document.

This is where Pro scanning software shines. The right software will eliminate all unnecessary mouse clicks and it will automate the scanning process as much as possible. For example, one indispensible feature for many users is called scanning profiles. This feature allows you store your most commonly-used scanning preferences as profiles. When it comes time to scan a particular type of document (e.g. legal-sized black-and-white), you simply select the profile for that type of document. The software will then set all of the appropriate scanning preferences automatically. Simple features like this will save you not just a lot of time, but a lot of tedium, especially if you scan a diversity of documents. Good Fujitsu scanning software will also speed up the scanning process by allowing you to scan directly into the folder where you ultimately want to save the scan, allowing you to scan and file a document in one step. The best scanning software will go the extra mile by providing bulk scanning features like automatic document separation and possibly even automatic routing, allowing you to scan, name, and save even entire stacks of documents with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Will the Scanner Software You Choose Give You a Searchable File?

Scans are nothing more than pictures. Even if you scan a document, and even if you can see words in the scanned document, your computer only sees a picture, not text. So what if you need to be able to index and search the body text of your scanned documents? You will have to make the scans searchable.

Turning a scanned document into a searchable document requires two extra steps. First, you must convert the scanned document into a PDF file. Second, you must perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the file to turn the pictures of words into real words. Sound technical? It doesn't need to be. Pro scanner software will take care of both steps for you automatically. You should be able to simply scan a document with confidence that the scanner sofware will give you a searchable PDF

Beware of Where Your Scan Software is Saving Your Files!

Fujitsu scanners come with Fujitsu's own Rack2-Filer software. But what many users don't realize is that Rack2-Filer stores your scans in a database rather than as regular Windows files. What's the problem with a database? A database is a closed system. You can only access your scans through its interface. For example, imagine that you have been saving your scans in Rack2-Filer for years. Now you decide to switch to different scan software. Unfortunately, you discover, to your horror, that all of your scans are trapped in the database and there's no easy way to get the scans out. Or worse still, the Rack2-Filer database has become corrupted (not unheard of) and all of your scans were lost.

There is only one safe way to save your scans: as regular Windows files in regular Microsoft Windows folders. Regardless of what Windows operating system you use – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. – this will guarantee you full access to your scans in the future. The right Fujitsu scan software will facilitate this. For example, FileCenter doesn't use a database. Rather, it saves your scans as regular Windows files in regular Windows folders. But it does better still: FileCenter also gives you an easy file cabinet interface to help you easily organize your scans. A nice additional benefit – you can put the rest of your files, like Word documents, spreadsheets, and digitil photos there too.

Our Recommended Fujitsu Scanner Software

FileCenter document scanning software goes out of its way to make Fujitsu scanning not just easy, but highly efficient, whether you scan one document a day or hundreds. With full support for searchable PDF, many tools for facilitating bulk scanning, a built-in PDF editor, and a clean interface that users rave about, FileCenter can take you all the way from being smothered in paper to a paperless office. Download a free trial today!