What's New in FileCenter 11

FileCenter 11 is here! Here's the rundown of new features.
New SharePoint Integration   (Pro Plus)
For those who use SharePoint in Office 365, FileCenter now directly integrates with SharePoint cloud drives. Enjoy the power of a SharePoint drive as a FileCenter cabinet, elevating FileCenter to the full status of a security-driven document management system. The SharePoint integration gives FileCenter users the ability to see and open prior versions of documents, check documents in/out of the system, and send sharing links to other users, all while honoring the user security layers of the SharePoint drive.
Cloud Drive Cabinets
(coming soon)  FileCenter's new Cloud Cabinets have direct support for cloud-based drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. While it's always been possible to create cabinets for these drives, the new cloud cabinets make that easier by automatically detecting these drives on your machine and taking care of the setup for you.
New Document Rules   (Pro Plus)
New document rules give you the power to intelligently name and route documents based on their content. Expanding on the content-based document rules introduced in FileCenter 10, FileCenter 11 has even more power to extract information from documents and use that information to make decisions about how to name and where to save files. Look at barcodes, find text that matches a specific pattern, or isolate text in a specific zone. If you know what RegEx is, you'll be excited to know that FileCenter 11 supports it; if you don't, just know it's powerful.
For example, you can pull dates from a document and use them in the name. Extract client names to automatically route documents to the client's drawer. Detect invoices and pull the invoice number from the text. Differentiate between a client survey form and a property deed. This new document intelligence opens the door to a whole new landscape of possibilities that was previously restricted to expensive, high-end systems.
If all of this sounds exciting but a bit daunting, our consultants can do the implementation for you.
Powerful Rules Editor   (Pro Plus)
To help you set up document rules, we've provided a new rules editor. The editor allows you to interactively test the effects of any content field or rule, showing you exactly what the outcome will be without actually making any changes to your live documents.
Package-Based Deployment
Shared settings have become even easier to deploy. FileCenter now supports packages – self-contained settings bundles that are simple to distribute and roll out. Packages will be especially useful to consultants, who can now set up detailed configurations – including cabinets, folder templates, naming options, and the new document rules – then easily deploy them on their clients' networks.
Drawer/Folder Notes   (Pro Plus)
You can now attach notes to any drawer or folder. For example, if you use a drawer for each client, customer, or patient, you now have the ability to save their contact information to the drawer – no more need to constantly switch back and forth between FileCenter and your customer directory. FileCenter allows you to set up your own note fields to enforce consistency.
Query Drawers   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  This new type of drawer is going to change the way you work. Unlike normal drawers, a query drawer doesn't have any contents of its own. Instead, a query drawer shows you files based on a saved search. Click the drawer, and immediately see the files that match your search.
While you can use query drawers as shortcuts for basic searches, they have even more potential to help your office implement workflow. For example, you could set up a drawer called "Urgent" that shows you all of the documents added within the last hour that have been tagged with the word urgent, regardless of where the documents are stored in FileCenter. Open the documents directly from the drawer. Once you've dealt with them and removed the urgent tag, they disappear from the drawer. That's power.
File Archival   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  Remove old documents from a cabinet and archive them without losing the original cabinet structure. The archived documents retain the layout of the original cabinet, and the original cabinet retains its structure, but with the old documents removed.
Replicate Cabinet Structure   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  Create a copy of the selected cabinet's structure, retaining all of its drawers and folders, but without any documents in it. This is a great way to start a new year for those offices that use year-based cabinets.
Cabinet and Drawer Color   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  Apply custom colors to cabinet tabs and drawers.
New Cabinet Settings   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  You can now set certain display preferences on a cabinet-by-cabinet basis, like thumbnails and sort order. We've also provided you with more nuanced cabinet security settings. You can also limit what folder templates and naming options are available in a given cabinet. Finally, you now have the ability to limit users' access to a cabinet by Windows username. Simply list the users who should have access, and anyone else will be blocked (within FileCenter).
Expanded ScanSnap Support   (Pro or Pro Plus)
(coming soon)  You can now append/prepend pages to existing scans from your ScanSnap. Just select a document in FileCenter, perform your scan, then choose if you want the scanned pages appended, pre-pended, or saved as a new scan.
Updated PDF editor
  • Added the functionality to create "Date" and "Image" fields, which are modified "Text" and "Push Button" fields that feature special scripting.
  • Added MRC Compression for the optimization of images in the Optimizer plugin.
  • Added a feature to convert Text Selections to a Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint Presentation or Microsoft Excel Workbook.
  • Updated the macro system for Bates Numbering and Headers and Footers.
  • The Snapshot Tool can now select the bounding box of image content items.
  • Added Edit Content Tool modes: all, images, text, shapes.
  • Added "Actions" option in Document Properties, which enables JavaScript actions before/after documents close, save and/or print.
  • Added the 'Recompress Images' feature.
  • Added an option to export the pdf objects currently selected to a new Stamp.
  • Added an option to export the pdf objects currently selected to a new PDF document.
  • Added an option to insert images into an area that the Snapshot Tool has selected.
  • Added 'Replace Selected Images' from PDF functionality for convenient use.
  • Added 'Save Selected Images' from PDF functionality for convenient use.
  • Added 'Autosave' functionality to automatically recover documents after crashes or closing without saving.
  • Added the "Enhance Scanned Pages" operation.
  • Added a text preview for the Typewriter Tool, which enables the precise placement of new annotations.
  • Added the "Spreadsheet Split" feature (located in the Split dropdown menu of the View tab).
  • Implemented the option to add, remove and reorder layers and text labels in Comments.
  • Implemented a feature to select Thumbnails based on the specific data.
  • Added CSVToPDF plugin that allows converting CSV file data to a PDF table.
  • Added "overtype" mode for edits (activates with Insert key).
  • Numerous minor enhancements.

NEW PRODUCT: FileCenter Receipts

We're excited to announce the release of FileCenter Receipts, a new product built around your feedback, designed to help you scan, organize, and submit receipts. It works either as a stand-alone app or it can integrate seamlessly into FileCenter as an add-on. Goodbye Neat Receipts, hello FileCenter! Key features:

Scan & Organize Receipts
FileCenter Receipts lets you scan in your reciepts, organize them by date, and track line items from each receipt. A live preview is always available to show you the original receipt.
Submit Items to Quickbooks and Other Accounting Packages
Upload entries to Quickbooks or export them to your preferred accounting package. Even if you don't use an accounting package, you can build and export reports to Excel and PDF.
Add Receipts from FileCenter
FileCenter Receipts integrates tightly with FileCenter, appearing as an extra tab within FileCenter itself. This close marriage makes it possible for you to easily create receipts from any kind of document in FileCenter. You can even upload entries to Quickbooks directly from FileCenter.
Receipt Inbox
FileCenter Receipts also features an Inbox to help you pull in receipts from scans and live folders. Do you use Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox? Mobile receipt tracking becomes a snap. Simply set up a folder for collecting receipts from your phone. Catch pictures of receipts as you're out and about, then come back to your computer later and commit them.

FileConvert Is Now FileCenter Automate

FileConvert has been rebranded as FileCenter Automate and has been even more tightly integrated into the FileCenter Family. Learn more »