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Any Document

FileCenter turns your Windows desktop into a document editing and management machine.

Convert paper documents into searchable PDFs, edit them, and store them in a consistent folder structure for later. Best of all, you can retrieve any document with a simple find & search.

Ready to organize your documents and eliminate the paperwork overwhelm?

Integrate with Trusted Providers

Update PDFs & Files Stored in the Cloud

Google Drive

Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive


FileCenter works seamlessly with all Google drives, both mirrored and streaming/offline.

Access all of your OneDrive files whether you prefer to use them locally or keep them stored in the Cloud.

Full support for your Dropbox files in order to give you easy access in the office or on the go.

Prefer local secure storage?
FileCenter also works tightly with Windows Remote Access.

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One Central Hub for
Office Paperwork

When it comes to file organization, OCR, scanning, PDF conversion, and secure sharing … FileCenter delivers simple yet powerful applications that are easy to understand and even easier to use.

Manage & organize files with "e-file cabinets"

Enter the electronic filing cabinet. Now you can organize your files, scan your paper documents, edit your PDFs, and search your archives from one simple interface.

Folders are always kept consistent

Create the folder structures you want, and turn them into reusable templates for the entire team. Make them as simple or detailed as you need, with nested folders that go many layers deep.

Introducing FileCenter

Why FileCenter?

Because you spend less time searching for lost paperwork and
digital documents, and more time on what matters most.

Document Nirvana

Easily scan, manage and secure your documents and receipts.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose the payment model that works best for you: one-time purchase or easy monthly payments.

PDF Editor

Edit scan, manage, organize and create PDFs within FileCenter.

Seamless Integration

Fully compatible with most Windows applications, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Cloud Compatibility

Works with popular Cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Easy Peasy

FileCenter is easy to install, learn and use.

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The best option for any company ...

“FileCenter combines the functionality of many different programs into one, and is the best option for any company interested in the paperless office.”

- Small Business Technology Magazine
A fraction of the cost ...

“I priced out the (very expensive) competition, and FileCenter matches them pace for pace at a fraction of the cost. The best bang for the buck out there.”

- C. L., Denver, CO
Scanning without hiccups ...

“I've scanned over 6,000 pages since my purchase less than 2 weeks ago. Not a single hiccup. Great job to the developers and QA department!”

- M. K.
End of PaperPort crashes ...

“After three years of PaperPort, scanning was beginning to become overwhelming and crashes were too regular. I found FileCenter and tried your free trial. I bought it the next day. I LOVE the stability!”

- J. P. S., El Paso, TX
A favorite across departments ...

“Everybody has jumped on board and is LOVING it! That's really an impressive statement because we've got such a diversity of folks, from public works to public safety - and I am only hearing good things. I think this is truly a first for us.”

- L. O., Reedley, CA.
A stable replacement for PaperPort ...

“I am sure you have many fan boys, but damn! I have been using PaperPort for 13 years. All I can say is thank you so much! Finally stability!”

- M. B.
Performs like an expensive product ...

“If you want a simple product that will perform like one of the more complex and very expensive ones out there, get FileCenter and try it.”

- R. G. W., Esq.
Simplicity ...

“The simplicity of FileCenter is what makes it so powerful.”

- C. D.
Feature-rich and affordable ...

“We certainly hit a home run with FileCenter. It is fast and has many, many more features than PaperPort and is very reasonably priced.”

- J. S., El Cajon, CA
Simple, easy-to-learn ...

“Other solutions are too complex, too difficult to use, and too expensive. FileCenter is a simple, easy-to-learn solution that meets our needs perfectly.”

- S. B., Winterset, IA
FileCenter saves the day ...

“You saved the day when our clients were waiting to close and we were stuck in PaperPort hell! We almost lost one of our largest clients due to the freezing issues. I can't believe how user friendly your system is! Thanks.”

- J. D., Tampa Bay, FL
Efficiency ...

“A week of paperwork that could have taken hours takes about 15 minutes to manage, and with better results.”

- C. D.
Several steps ahead ...

“Most products can do most of what you need, but FileCenter is always several steps ahead of what we need. I am impressed every day.”

- L. B., Miami, FL
Smooth setup for a non-techie ...

“I'm no techie, but I had zero problems setting up FileCenter for my office of four. In fact, it went so smoothly, I took the rest of the day off!”

- V.N., Logan, UT
Priced with the small office in mind ...

“Finally, a powerful solution priced with the small office in mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- M. B., Lansing, MI

No-Stress Document Management

Powerful applications anyone can use.

OCR scanning (image to text), PDF conversion, receipts management, secure sharing, and more.

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