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Last Reviewed:  April 5, 2022


There are two ways to "redact" or black-out elements in a PDF.

Edit PDF Image

Assuming you're on the latest version of FileCenter:

  1. Open the PDF in the Edit tab
  2. Click the Edit PDF Image button on the main toolbar (if you see a warning about text, or you don't have this button, skip to the alternate method below)
  3. Select Redact
  4. Redact the sections that need it
  5. Click Commit Changes

Alternate Method: Masking

  1. Open the PDF in the PDF Editor
  2. Click on the Rectangle Tool button on the editor's toolbar; this will display a Properties Toolbar
  3. On the Properties Toolbar, set both the Fill Color and the Stroke Color to black and the make sure the Opacity is 100%
  4. With your mouse, select the area on the PDF page that you want to redact
  5. Finally, click the Flatten Comments button on the editor's toolbar to merge your rectangle into the PDF
  6. Save your changes

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