Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Give a Scanned Document Keywords

There's an easy way to give a scanned document searchable keywords that won't be visible in the document, but that will help you find the document through full-text searching. This can be a speedy alternative to OCR.

New Scans

Make sure you're in "Manage" view and click the "Scan" button. Look for a "Keywords" field on the scan dialog, right below the "Filename" field. If you don't see it, make sure the scan type is set to "PDF".

Anything you enter in this field will be saved as a searchable keyword with the PDF.

Existing Scans

For existing PDFs (or if you've scanned in "Edit" view), open the PDF in "Edit" view and look for a "Properties" button right above the thumbnails. In the document properties, you'll see fields where you can enter things like "Subject" and "Keywords". These are all searchable.

If you're using FileCenter Professional, you can also add keywords without having to open the PDF:

  1. Select the PDF in the "Manage" view
  2. Go to "PDF Tools" on the main toolbar
  3. Select "PDF Document Properties"
  4. Enter keywords in any of the "Title", "Author", "Subject, or "Keywords" fields
  5. Click "OK"

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