Last Reviewed:  February 23, 2023

FileCenter's Save/Open Dialogs Aren't Working

If FileCenter's Save/Open dialogs aren't working or stopped appearing, check the following:

Is the Integration Enabled?

Verify that the integration is still enabled. Go to FileCenter's "Settings" and select the "SaveAs/Open" option on the left. The Save/Open integration should be set to either "Enable FileCenter for all supported applications" or to "Enable FileCenter only for selected applications", and your preferred applications should have a checkmark next to them in the "Supported Applications" list box.

Is FileAgent Running?

Verify that FileAgent is running in the system tray (the list of icons in the lower right-hand corner of Windows, by the clock). The icon looks like a line chart on a white background. You can also check for it in the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL, then click the "Processes" tab and look for "fileagent.exe" or "fileag~1.exe"). If it is not running, start it by closing and re-opening FileCenter, or by rebooting.

Are There Any Cabinets?

You must have at least one cabinet defined, otherwise the Save/Open dialogs will be suppressed. Create a cabinet with at least one drawer and try again.

Is Only a Single Application Affected?

Internet Explorer. FileCenter's Save/Open dialogs often don't work with some versions of Internet Explorer because of some overly strict security settings. The fix is to use a different web browser.

Acrobat. In the case of Acrobat, the integration has been disabled because a conflict with Acrobat's licensing engine in some versions of Acrobat causes crashes. You can try enabling the integration by hand. See the Knowledge Base article Activate FileCenter's Save/Open Dialogs for a Program.

WordPerfect. For FileCenter's Save/Open dialogs to work in WordPerfect, you must disable WordPerfect's "Enhanced File Dialog" feature:

  1. In WordPerfect, select the "Settings" option in the "Tools" menu (it may be under the "Edit" menu)
  2. Double-click the "Files" icon
  3. On the dialog that will appear, look for the "Use enhanced file dialogs" option (normally it is in the lower left corner of the dialog)
  4. Deselect this option
  5. Click "Apply" and close the settings dialogs

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