Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

FileCenter's "Save" Dialog Doesn't Always Work with the Adobe PDF Printer

When you print a document to PDF using the Adobe Acrobat print driver, a Save dialog appears, asking you where the PDF file should be saved. FileCenter can often replace this Save dialog with the FileCenter Save dialog. But its ability to replace the dialog depends on the program you are printing from.

For example, suppose that FileCenter integrates with Program A but not with Program B. When you print to the Adobe Acrobat print driver from Program A, you will see FileCenter's Save dialog box. But when you do the same from Program B, you will not see FileCenter's Save dialog box since FileCenter does not integrate with that program.

You can try to activate FileCenter's Save/Open dialogs for a program by following the instructions in Activate FileCenter's Save/Open Dialogs for a Program.

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