Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

FileCenter on a Network

This topic addresses common questions about installing and using FileCenter on a network. More help is available in FileCenter's help under Network Setup.

Do I need to install FileCenter on the server?

You don't usually need to run FileCenter on the server itself. If the server is just hosting shared FileCenter cabinets, FileCenter doesn't need to be installed. But if a user will actually log in to the server and use FileCenter there, you'll obviously need to install it.

How does network licensing work?

Each workstation that runs FileCenter needs its own license. If you want to take advantage of sharing settings between workstations for easier administration, each workstation will need FileCenter Professional.

How does Terminal Services licensing work?

Each Terminal Services user who uses FileCenter must have their own license.

I've been using FileCenter on my own computer. Now I want to move it to a server so I can share files with my staff. How do I go about this?

First, take a look at this tutorial video.

Here's a quick overview of how to make the change:

First, move the cabinets you want to share over to the new server. To do this, click the FileCenter "Cabinets" button. Select the cabinet you want to move, click the "Move" button, and select a new location on the server. Take careful note of where this is.

When you're ready to set up the new workstations, create a cabinet on each workstation and set it to exactly the same path where you put the shared network cabinet.

How do I make a cabinet private?

If you have some private cabinets you don't want to expose on the network, you have two options.

The easiest option is to just keep private cabinets on your personal computer. No-one else will be able to access them (as long as you're not sharing your drive on the network). Each FileCenter user can set up as many personal cabinets as they want. No-one else will be able to see those cabinets.

The other option is to have a personal cabinet on the file server, but have your IT person set up permissions on those folders that will only let you access them.

How do I make a specific drawer/folder private?

FileCenter honors all Windows file permissions. So if your IT person restricts access to a specific folder, FileCenter will inherit those restrictions.

If I have a lot of network users, is there an easy way to share cabinets and other settings?

FileCenter has a built-in sharing and network administration tool. You can set up shared settings and cabinets from the "Tools" button > "Administer Shared Settings". Connect users to the shared settings from the "Tools" button > "Connect to Shared Settings". You can read about this in detail in the FileCenter Help > "Network Setup".

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