Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Can't Move, Rename, or Delete an Item


You're trying to move, rename, or delete an item but you can't. You may see an error message that says the item is in use. There are a few things that can cause this to happen.

Locked Files

Most likely, you or another user on the network have a file or directory open, so Windows has it locked. Windows will release the lock when the file/directory gets closed.

When a file is locked, Windows will also lock the whole directory. So you tend to see this most often with drawer/folder renames.

It may be obvious which file is open - just check each of your running programs and make sure there aren't any files open. Sometimes a program will keep a file or folder locked even after you think you've closed it. Close each open application to make them release their locks.

Sometimes it may take a log off or a reboot to force all open files and directories to be closed.

On a network, you'll have to check with each user to find out who's causing the lock.

Cabinet is Set to Prevent Deletions

It could also be that you're preventing deletions in the cabinet. Preventing deletions will also prevent you from moving files.

Check this by hitting the "Cabinets" button, then selecting your cabinet on the list and hitting "Edit". Look for the setting called "Prevent Cabinet Files and Folders from Being Deleted" and make sure it isn't selected.

Preview Window

Sometimes the FileCenter preview window will cause Windows to lock a file, especially when previewing PDF files with the PDF preview mode set to Adobe. Try closing the preview window first.

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