Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Antivirus Software Blocks FileCenter


Some antivirus, antispyware, or antimalware software will report that FileCenter performed a high risk intrusion when you open other programs, like Outlook, Word, Internet Explorer, etc. Trend Micro has specifically been reported to block FileCenter.


The cause is related to FileCenter's Save/Open dialog integration. These dialogs integrate with Windows at a deep level, which is sometimes interpreted as a high risk intrusion. The integration, however, is completely safe and harmless.


The solution is to set up an exception in your security software for the FileCenter dialogs. You'll want to set up an exception for the whole FileCenter program folder (normally at "c:\Program Files\FileCenter" or "c:\Program Files (x86)\FileCenter). If you have to set up exceptions for specific files, the relevant files are: filecenter.exe, fileagent.exe, and possibly fcinjector32.exe, fcinjector64.exe, and fcsao.exe if they're present in FileCenter's program folder.

Consult your software's documentation for instructions on setting up an exception.

NOTE: We've provided instructions for a few of the most common antivirus providers. See Whitelist FileCenter in Antivirus Programs.

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