FileCenter Video Library

Get a taste for how quickly and easily you can achieve the kind of efficiency you have been searching for.
Introducing FileCenter:  FileCenter helps you take control of your PC files.
FileCenter Trailer:  Get a two-minute tour of FileCenter.
FileCenter: A True Story:  Discover what FileCenter can do for you.
FileCenter DMS:  Introducing FileCenter DMS for easy document management.
FileCenter Fax:  How to send faxes with FileCenter.
The Best of Both Worlds:  When it comes to On-Premise vs Cloud, FileCenter gives you the best of both worlds.
Cloud vs On-Premise:  Which is faster, using files On-Premise or in the Cloud?
FileCenter Receipts:  Introducing FileCenter Receipts for receipt organization.
FileCenter Portal:  Introducing FileCenter Portal for secure file sharing.
Introducing FileConvert:  FileConvert helps makes all of your files searchable.
FileConvert Tour:  An overview of the main features in FileConvert.
FileCenter Automate:  Introducing FileCenter Automate for automated OCR and content-based routing.