Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Use a Web Mail Account with FileCenter (GMail, HotMail, Yahoo, etc.)


You want FileCenter to use your web-based email account – like GMail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc. – when you send files with the "Send" button, but FileCenter always pulls up Windows Live or your computer's email program.

The Problem

In Windows, one program is designated as the default email program. FileCenter uses this program for sending files.

Unfortunately, this default program has to be installed Windows. In a nutshell, it has to be installed on your system so Windows can summon it on demand. The problem with web-based email programs is that they are not available to Windows.

In technical terms, your email program has to be installed and registered with Windows as the default MAPI mail handler.

Solution #1: Install a "Helper" Program

Some web-based email services offer "helper" programs that you can install on your computer. The helper is available to Windows, so Windows can send requests to the helper and the helper forwards them to the web mail service.

Unfortunately, helpers are not available for most web mail services. This may have changed since the time of this writing, since web mail is getting more and more popular. Try a web search for your web mail service and the term "MAPI" (which is the name of the Windows service for designating a default mail program).

Solution #2: Access Your Web Mail through a Local Email Program

Many web-based email services let you send/receive email through POP or IMAP, which is just a complicated way of saying that you can access your web mail through an email program on your computer, like Thunderbird, Eudora, or Outlook.

Just install one of these programs on your computer and follow your web mail provider's instructions for setting it up.

When you send files through FileCenter, the email will be generated through your local email program, but it will be sent through your web mail service's servers (and maybe even saved in your web mail "sent items" folder).

Solution #3: Attach the Files from the Web Interface

The last option is to create the email message from your web mail account and use its "attach files" link or button to attach the files. This will bring up a FileCenter dialog in most cases, letting you browse to the file in FileCenter and attach it.

Note that if you use GMail with the Chrome browser, you can attach files by dragging them from FileCenter and dropping them on your message in GMail.

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