Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

The Email Button Doesn't Do Anything or Causes an Error


When you select a file and click Email, nothing happens.

Description of Problem

When you use the Email button in FileCenter, FileCenter is simply asking Windows to open the default mail program and start a new message. This is exactly the same as right-clicking on a file, then selecting Send To > Mail Recipient.

If anything blocks this communication between Windows and your email program, nothing will happen

Solution #1: Your Email Program is Running in the Background

If sending suddenly stopped working, the usual cause is that your email program has crashed but is still running in the background. This is very common with Outlook. Do this:

  1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
  2. Click the Processes tab
  3. Look for your email program on the list (for example, OUTLOOK.EXE)
  4. If it's there, select it and click End Task; ignore any warnings

Now try sending again.

Solution #2: Change a Setting in FileCenter

Try right-clicking on a file > "Send To" > "Mail Recipient". If this works, you can change a setting in FileCenter to get the "Email" button working:

  1. In FileCenter, go to "Settings"
  2. Select "Miscellaneous" on the left
  3. Select the setting called "Use Windows Send To Recipient"
  4. Click OK

Solution #3: Check Your Antivirus Settings

Some virus protection programs, like Norton Security, have been known to interfere with the Email feature. What we have found is that these programs are protecting against worms, which typically use e-mail to propagate themselves, and in the process block ANY attempt to create an e-mail message outside of the e-mail program itself.

The solution is to disable worm protection. The method varies by antivirus company. Contact your company for instructions.

If you are concerned about disabling worm protection, remember that FileCenter also integrates with most common e-mail applications. This means that you can still create a new e-mail message manually in your e-mail program and use the program's "Attach" button to invoke FileCenter's dialog. You can then browse through your file cabinets for files to attach.

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