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Last Reviewed:  April 5, 2022

Speed Up Searches

When you're searching with the built-in search engine (as opposed to Windows Search, which is the default), search speed can be heavily affected by the search terms and options.

For starters, go to the Search tab and de-select both "Fuzzy" and "Stemming". Fuzzy allows up to one character variation per term, which is the equivalent of running multiple searches with a wildcard in each character position:


That's a real performance hit. Stemming allows for grammatical variants, like "housed" and "housing".

You'll also get faster and more qualified results if you require each term. To explain, searches are "OR" searches by default. So "two story house" will actually search for "two OR story OR house".

To speed it up, use a "+" in front of each term to require it (in other words, to do an "AND" search): "+two +story +house".

When you know you're dealing with an exact phrase, surround it in quotation marks: "two story house".

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