Last Reviewed:  February 23, 2023

Sharing Separators

It is possible to share separators between users. This is useful if you want to have an office-wide database of separators. This article describes how to set it up.

Step 1: Decide where to put the separators database

All separator information is kept in a database. So sharing separators is as easy as making sure everyone is pointing to the same database.

The first step is to decide where the database should go. It should be on a drive that all of the users can access, mapped to a drive letter. In other words, the users should be able to see the drive as a drive letter on their machine, like C:, D:, or E:. The exact location doesn't matter.

Step 2: Post the database

You should perform this step from the computer where all or most of your separators are stored right now.

  1. Go into the "Settings" and select the "Separators" option on the left
  2. Select "Use Custom Location for Separator Database"
  3. Enter the path you decided on in Step 1 above
  4. Click "OK"

Your local copy of the separators will be copied to the shared folder.

Step 3: Point the other computers to the shared database

Repeat Step 2 for the other computers. They will now start using the shared database. (They won't overwrite the database; the user's local database only gets posted if no database is found there).

IMPORTANT: If these users have old separators of their own, you'll have to re-create them. Be sure to destroy the old printed copies, as they are no longer valid.

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