Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Set Which E-mail Program FileCenter Uses with Send

When you click the "Send" button, FileCenter is always going to use the default e-mail program, which is a Windows setting. There are two places where you can set this.

First, try Internet Options:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and select "Internet Options" (you can also get there from Internet Explorer's "Tools" menu > "Internet Options"
  2. Select the "Programs" tab
  3. Set the "E-mail" option to your e-mail program
  4. Click "Apply" and "OK"

If your program isn't in the list, this means it isn't capable of being registered as the default e-mail program (there are certain criteria that not all e-mail programs meet; specifically, it has to provide a MAPI engine).

You can also set it from Windows Default Programs. In Windows XP, you'll find this under the "Start" button in the right-hand column, called "Set Program Access Defaults". In newer versions of Windows, it's in the Control Panel under "Default Programs".

  1. Select the "Custom" option
  2. Click the drop-arrow to expand it
  3. For "Default E-mail Program", try selecting "Use my current e-mail program" (which uses the one you set in Internet Options earlier), or also try setting it explicitly to your e-mail program.
  4. Click OK

Again, if your program doesn't appear in the list, it's because it isn't capable of being registered with Windows as a default e-mail handler.

You may need to tinker with settings in both sections to get it working the way you want. There may also be a setting somewhere in your e-mail program where you can have it set itself as the default e-mail program in Windows.

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