Last Reviewed:  April 13, 2023

Separators Aren't Routing Documents

If separators aren't working, there are a number of common causes:

Separator Recognition isn't Turned On

On the Scan dialog, go to the OCR tab and make sure that Process Separators is selected.

If you're working with existing scans, you'll find the same option on the OCR dialog.

If you're working in FileConvert, you'll find this option in the job's settings under the Advanced tab.

The Separator is in the Wrong Position

FileCenter/FileConvert expects you to place the separator page ON TOP of the document you're scanning, like a fax cover sheet. If you're scanning multiple documents, each document's separator must come immediately before that document.

The Printed Separator You're Using Doesn't Exist in the Database

Take a look at the printed separator you're using. Note the two ID numbers. They're repeated on the left and right side of the separator.

Now click the Separators button, locate your separator on the list, select it, and click Edit. You'll find the separator's ID number next to its name, two numbers separated by a colon. Make sure that these numbers match the numbers on the printed separator. If they don't, discard the printed separator and re-print it.

You're Using a Separator that Requires You to Choose a Destination

Edit your separator and see if you've selected the option called Choose among Destinations by Marking on Printed Separator.

This option allows your separator to have multiple destinations. It then requires you to mark, on the printed separator, which destination you want to use. If you don't mark a destination, or you don't use the right kind of mark (as described in the help file), the separator will act like a generic separator, separating the document but not routing it to any destination.

Normally we don't recommend that you use this option.

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