Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

Restore the Default Save/Open Integrations


You've added a number of applications to the Save/Open integration list and now you want to remove them and go back to the defaults.


To wipe out all of your changes, including any applications you've added, and return the settings to their original state, do this:

  1. Go to the drop-arrow under the FileCenter "Help" button
  2. Select "Support Options"
  3. Click "Browse Settings", which will open an Explorer window to your settings directory; leave this open
  4. Go back to the drop-arrow under FileCenter's "Help" button > "Support Options" and click "Close All Apps"
  5. Go back to the Explorer window with your settings in it
  6. Delete the file "intercepts.ini"
  7. Start FileCenter

FileCenter will regenerate the default settings.

If you just want to tweak the settings by hand, follow the same steps, but edit the "intercepts.ini" file instead of deleting it. At the bottom you'll notice that all of the applications you added are listed in their own section. You can delete any of these.

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