Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

Network Scanners and FileCenter

If you want to scan directly into FileCenter, your scanner has to provide a TWAIN driver. Network scanners don't normally offer TWAIN drivers. But you still have a number of options:


If you're wanting to convert your scans to PDF and make them searchable, our FileConvert product will do this for you. Network scanners usually save out new scans to a predesignated folder on the network. FileConvert can "watch" this folder and automatically convert each scan that arrives.

FileConvert also supports our "Separator" technology. Separators are special cover sheets that you create and print in FileConvert. The cover sheet can tell FileConvert where to save the converted document. This lets you scan, convert, and save out your scans in one step.


If your primary concern is opening/editing these scans or organizing them in FileCenter, FileCenter Professional's "Inbox" tab can be very helpful. To set up the inbox, go to the Inbox tab and click the Inbox button, them browse out to the scanner's output folder. This will show your scans in the Inbox.

In practice, you just hit the "Inbox" tab in FileCenter to see your new scans. Then you can select a scan and hit the File Item button to move it into your cabinets. Using the Preview button lets you see the content of the scans before you move them.

Better still, you can use the Split button. This will split the screen, showing your Inbox on top and your FileCenter cabinets on the bottom. You can then open the scans in FileCenter or quickly drag/drop them where they belong in your cabinets.

Many offices use a combination of these options: They use FileConvert to make their incoming scans searchable, then use Separators or the Inbox to organize the newly-converted scans.

TWAIN Options

A few network scanner manufacturers (Xerox and Canon, to name two) distribute an application called Fiery Remote Scan (for Windows) that allows you to access the scanner on your desktop through a TWAIN driver. This is all you need to scan directly into FileCenter.

Search your scanner manufacturer's support site to see if they provide support and downloads for Fiery Remote Scan. If so, install and run it, then enter the appropriate IP address for your scanner.

If you set it up correctly, it will show up as a scanning source in FileCenter. On FileCenter's Scan dialog, click the "..." button next to the Source option. If properly configured, your scanner will show up on the list. Now you can use it to scan directly into FileCenter.

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