Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

Missing Drawers, Folders, or Files

When items go missing in FileCenter, the most common reasons are misfiling and inadvertent drag/drop.


FileCenter's Save/Open dialogs may not open to the location you expect. If you're not paying attention, this can lead to mis-saved files.

The easiest way to locate a mis-saved file is to check the locations you've had open in FileCenter recently. Another good way to find it is to go to the application where you were editing the file and check the "Recent Files" list. Most applications keep a list of the 10 or so most recent files opened, usually under the "File" menu. If you can locate the file in this list, you can open and re-save it or just look where it was saved so you can find and move it.

Inadvertent Drag/Drop

Sometimes if you're slow to release the mouse button, you can accidentally grab an item and drag it into another location. Look for missing items in neighboring drawers and folders. If you're missing a drawer, it would show up as a subfolder in a neighboring drawer. To turn it back into a drawer, right-click on it and select "Convert to Drawer".

You can prevent accidental drag/drop by turning on confirmations:

  1. Go to the FileCenter "Settings"
  2. Select the "Manage Files" section on the left
  3. Locate and select the setting called "Display Confirmation Dialog when Dragging and Dropping" (in some versions of FileCenter, it may be in the "General" section on the left)
  4. Click "OK"

Accidental Deletion

Sometimes things get deleted accidentally. With the cabinet open, go to the FileCenter "Tools" button > "Recycle Bin". This will bring up the Windows Recycle Bin for local cabinets or the FileCenter Recycle Bin for network cabinets. Look for the missing items there.

Lack of Communication

It often happens that another user on the network will rename, move, or delete items without communicating with the other users. Ask around. Also see if the IT staff recently restored data, possibly taking the network data back to an earlier point in time.

Do a Filename Search

If all else fails, search your drives for the missing file or folder (drawers are folders).

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