Last Reviewed:  February 23, 2023

Link a File to Multiple Folders

You can have a file listed in multiple locations in FileCenter. Any one of the "links" opens the same document.

The scheme consists of a "source" or "original" file, which is the real file, and then "links" or "shortcuts" to the real file. These links simply point back to the real file, but they act just like the original. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open FileCenter's "Split" view to split the screen
  2. Select the "source" file(s) in the top view
  3. Select the cabinet/drawer/folder where you want to create links in the bottom view
  4. On the bar between the top and bottom view, click the "Copy" button (it's on the far right side)
  5. Select the option that says "Link instead of Copy"

This will create links back to the source files. Opening a linked file is the same as opening the original. You can change the name of the linked file or move it around without affecting the link. However, you CANNOT change the name of the source file, delete it, or move it around. This will break the link!

NOTE: This only works for files. It will not work for folders. And it only works on one file at a time.

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