Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

How Do I Scan a Large Document in Pieces?

Sometimes a document is too large to fit in the document feeder, requiring you to scan it in pieces. The challenge is getting those pieces into a single file. How you do this depends on the product you're using for scanning.


The easiest way to scan large documents is with our document management software, FileCenter. Just do this:

  1. Start a Scan
  2. Select the option called "Prompt for More"
  3. Scan the first stack
  4. When the end of the stack is reached, FileCenter will ask if there are more pages to scan
  5. Load the next stack of pages and click "Yes"
  6. Continue in this manner until you have scanned the whole document

Network Scanner

If you scan from a network scanner that doesn't integrate with FileCenter, you will end up with multiple files – one file for each stack you scanned. FileCenter Professional can help you join the files into a single file:

  1. Locate the files in FileCenter
  2. Determine the order of the files – in other words, figure out which file has the first pages, which file follows, and so on. We'll refer to these files as file 1, file 2, etc.
  3. Drag-and-drop file 2 onto file 1
  4. When prompted, select "PDF Append" and confirm
  5. Repeat, dropping file 3 onto file 1
  6. Continue in this manner until you have appended all of the files to file 1
  7. When you're comfortable that the operation was successful, delete all of the files except file 1

ScanSnap Scanner

Follow the instructions for a Network Scanner above.

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