Last Reviewed:  February 23, 2023

How Do Daily Page Limits Work?

Some editions of FileConvert have daily page limits. This means FileConvert will "pause" when the daily page limit is reached, and then pick up where it left off at midnight (or as soon as the first schedule becomes active).

Some users wonder what will happen to the active document if it's not finished yet. As a rule, FileConvert will always finish whatever document it's working on. For example, let's assume that your daily page limit is 500 pages. You've already converted 499 pages, and the next document up has 100 pages in it. FileConvert will go ahead and convert the entire document, even though the page limit will be reached after the first page. When the document's done, FileConvert will then pause itself.

We take this approach because the user should be allowed to receive their entire quota of converted pages every day, even if it means getting a few "bonus pages". Holding a document in suspension until the next day with only half of the pages converted would not deliver the user's daily quota and wouldn't give the user what they paid for.

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